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JRunners Hook Mountains, Prospect Brooklyn, Run for Parks, and Befriend Israel’s Disabled Vets

Posted on Apr 22, 2013 by in Musings | 0 comments

JRunners was really busy on Sunday, April 21, 2013. A hardy contingent showed up at the grueling Hook Mountain Half Marathon course. Like our ancestor Jacob, though, JRunners divided the camp, just in case the Hook Mountaineers wouldn’t survive the elevation. Jonathan Pittinsky (PR by 1:03) emerged victorious there, outkicking Shia Itzkowitz (PR by 3 minutes [1 minute per retch], first in age group) in the final mile, laying down a 7:15 in the last 1.2 as he blitzed towards the finish.

In Central Park, a pack 11 strong showed up, and Joel Mandel – running his 12th race of the year (on pace for infinity and beyond) – took the crown with a 6:18 per mile showing on the 4 mile course. Rivky Tepler beat her husband, Chaim, by two seconds, taking bronze for the JRunners group. That’s just awesome.

Over at the Friends of Israel’s Disabled Veterans 5 Towns 5K Run/Walk, the Ovits family represented .06% of the crowd. Mordechai took 3rd overall with his first ever sub-6 race, besting frenemy Moishie Gamss by 23 seconds. Mordechai’s young son beat his uncle by 28 seconds. We’ll leave it to them to determine what exactly this means for the family honor.

Finally, over in Prospect Park, representing JRunners by his lonesome, David Balassiano carried our flag at the Brooklyn 15k.

Here are your final participants and times for 4/21/13:

The Hook Mountain Half Marathon:

Jonathan Pittinsky    1:47:14
Shia Itzkowitz        1:47:28
Yossi Cohn        1:52:04
Steven Gelbtuch        1:52:08
Mitchell Silk        2:14:42

The Brooklyn 15k:

David Balassiano    1:25:08

Run for the Parks:

Hershy Mandel        25:10
Stephen Rutenberg    29:37
Rivky Sontag-Tepler    29:44
Chaim Tepler        29:46
Jacob Vorchheimer    31:29
Eli Friedman        32:43
Mark Izhak        35:12
Chanan Feldman        35:20
Simcha Bulmash        36:22
Mendel Lakein        36:33
Jacob Granek        43:07


Mordechai Ovits        18:35
Moishie Gamss        18:58
Ariel Kohane        20:27
Avi Blisko        22:32
Zach Ovits        29:44
YItz Ovits        30:12
Ayala Ovits Cohen    34:59

Nice going, everybody!

Martin Bodek,
Beat Reporter,


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