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Why an Executive Director? Why Anyone?

Posted on Jul 15, 2014 by in Musings | 0 comments

WhyCubeWhy an Executive Director?

Why now?

Why me?

Amidst all the congratulations for which I would like to thank you – your encouragement is exhilarating – we have been fielding some very basic questions, such as “Why does JRunners need an Executive Director?” And it is an excellent question. JRunners is amazing; it was started by a group of unbelievably dedicated volunteers who gave their time, their money, their sweat (quite literally) and their passion to this baby that grew up to be JRunners as we know it. They have put more into JRunners than even I could imagine, and continue to do so. But these are people with vision, imagination and fire. They know when they see the potential for more and they want it. And here JRunners stands today.

As a volunteer-driven organization, JRunners has gone as far as it can go. These guys built something amazing from nothing at all. But since they all have real families, real jobs, and real lives, they are maxed out on what they can give to this organization. So JRunners stands at a crossroad. Does the club continue to operate as is, with a small relay race, a 5K here and there, a bunch of unsanctioned runs and a lot of camaraderie, or does it grow into something that can bring all these incredible things to a larger group of people and bring more of these incredible things to existing members? Given that we are in mid-July and the relay race plans are not yet off the ground, it seemed that the answer was obvious: it is time to find someone who will get the job done, because it is their job.

And that’s where I come in. I wasn’t the only candidate. I wasn’t the only qualified candidate. But what I bring to the table is a passion for what the club can become and a passion for running. The board and I are no doubt taking a risk. None of us are inexperienced. We have done our calculations and risk assessments and determined that we are prepared to gamble on this one.

JRunners is fantastic thanks to its members and its dedicated board. It has the potential to explosively change the face of running in our community; and I for one, am chomping at the bit to get there. Between the board, myself and all of you dedicated club members, we can make this happen.

See you at the start line!

Vanessa Meghnagi


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