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They Am Ironman

Posted on Jul 27, 2017 by in Musings | 0 comments

Congratulations to the esteemed, um, sepfecta, of male Jrunners for their amazing accomplishments at the Lake Placid Ironman. This has got to be some sort of record for Orthodox Jewish participation at any Ironman, anywhere. Got to. Likely there were even more known unknowns in the crowd. They had a minyan for Shabbos and race morning. That’s gotta be a first.

Gene Sobol, who took first, missed Yaakov Bressler’s club record by only 22 minutes. Had he known, he might’ve gone for it. He was that on, all day. David Roher, it should be noted, is now a 5-time Ironman. For comparison, Robert Downey Jr. – David’s lookalike – has played Ironman 8 times. But really, who’s worked harder?

Over in the female division, we’re proud of Dana Heitz for being the first official JRunner to tackle the distance, and etching her name and performance into the blank space in the record book. Her time is the new bar for all future comers.

Your results:

Gene Sobol 12:17:30
Aaron Rosenfeld 13:03:05
Moshe Weber 13:24:33
Dana Heitz 14:19:50
Yisroel Pupko 14:41:47
David Roher 16:02:55
Shlomo Rosenzweig 16:16:59
Michael Wilhelm 16:39:52

One state south, a quadfecta full of moxie pulled off some great performances themselves at the New Jersey Olympic Triathlon. Esther Panigel ruled them all with a performance just 9 minutes off Dana Heitz’s (There’s that name again!) club record.

Aaron Panigel would have taken silver, had he not added 20 minutes to his day. He apparently was having so much fun, he figured he’d around out there longer by adding 500 yards to his swim and four miles to his bike with various creative wrong turns (Yes, of *course* I cleared it with him to write all this).

Your results:

Esther Panigel 2:50:55
Scott Smith 3:11:59
Aaron Panigel 3:22:21
David Balassiano 4:03:30

And to the east, a familiar (dynamic) duo, presumably bedecked in their nighties, tried to (pa)jam in as many miles as they could before the clock ran out, at the BUS Pajama Romp 6-HR in Queens. Batman edged out Robin by just a wee bit. Kapow!

Your results:

Elik Hirsch 30.62
Jamey Kohn 29.35

Nice going everybody!

Martin Bodek,
Beat Reporter,

Martin writes books (, and he pledges to do what Christopher Hitchens always said at readings: “It’s all in my book. If you buy it, I’ll sign it for you.”



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