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The Old City of Jerusalem is in Our Legs

Posted on Mar 28, 2014 by in Musings | 0 comments

Get it? No? Moshe Dayan’s famous quote? No? Gotta brush up on your Israeli history, then.

Three proud JRunners, of whom we’re very proud, proudly ran the proud streets of Jerusalem, partaking in the half-marathon event portion of the Jerusalem Marathon.

All three were from New Jersey, which is Geographically poetic, because the state is more similar in size (7,790 square miles) to Israel (8,019) than any other in the US of A.

Nobody set a PR, because look at this thing:

These were the few, the proud, the JRines (okay, that was a bit of a stretch):

Eva Rothberg    1:49:36
Pesach Sommer    2:00:55
Ben Rothke    2:12:13

Meanwhile, at the 10k, we were represented by our very own fella who went to school in a state bordering NJ on the east, has his business headquartered in a state bordering NJ on the west, and lives in Israel in a community chock-full-o’ NJ expatriates. He ran side by side with his daughter, which has just got to be the coolest feeling ever.

These were they:

Avi Hornstein    1:06:34
Deena Hornstein    1:06:34

Two days later, another NJ representative scorched through the 20k Miles for Music course in Highland Park in a PR time that, when paced out over a half marathon, would have come out to 1:20:04. Smokin’!

Your lone runman:

Yitzy Mittel    1:15:55

Up next for JRunners is our 6th Multiannual Unsanctioned JRunners Half Marathon on 3/30, 6:30 AM.

Please register here:

Please see details, invite others, and list yourself as going here:

Next year in Jerusalem! Again!

Martin Bodek,
Beat Reporter,

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