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Results of the 1st Unsanctioned JRunners Synchronized Virtual Indoor/Outdoor Half-Marathon

Posted on Apr 3, 2014 by in Musings | 0 comments

Boy, that’s a mouthful, isn’t it?

Here’s what happened: The JRunners club members organized what would have been The 6th Multiannual Unsanctioned JRunners Half Marathon, slated for a March morning in Central Park, as has been staged for the past two years.

However, the forecast showed a 100% chance of rain (not 60%, not 75%, not even 90%. No, 100%), and a survey proved that, at best, four of the thirteen registrants would show up. Four does not a race make (five is considered the minimum industry standard for a “race” – three must finish), so the race was called.

However, we didn’t fully want to throw in the towel, so the race director called for all registrants, plus all club members, to complete 13.1 miles, wherever they were, in whatever weather conditions, to report them in, and it would count towards a virtual half marathon.

Fifteen JRunners took on the impromptu challenge, exceeded the participant numbers of what the original race had logged, and the 1st Unsanctioned JRunners Synchronized Virtual Indoor/Outdoor Half-Marathon was born, with much promise as a future, expanded, multiannual event (and, yes, a shortening of the name).

Scott Smith was the only person to whom we could not successfully deliver information about the cancelation. He showed up at the start, ran the course, reported his time, and did not complain. We don’t know how to make it up to him, but we’ll start with giving him his props right here.

Here are the standings for our first such race, including where the run was (water)logged, and under which conditions:

Joel Mandel


Manhattan/B’klyn Rainy
Steven Lacob


Treadmill Rainy
Matt Katz


Prospect Park Cloudy, rain at the end
Yitzy Mittel


Fort Lee/CP Light mist
Yisroel Pupko


Prospect Park Nice
Simcha Wolin


Jersey Outdoors Windy, rainy, hilly
Judah Gutwein


Jersey Outdoors Rainy
David Friedman


Brooklyn Windy, misty
Mark Sanders


Prospect Park Cloudy
Zevi Jaffa


Prospect Park Cloudy
Glenn Pfeiffer


Hudson River Shore Super windy
Adam Orlow


Queens Partly cloudy
Scott Smith


Central Park Drizzly
David Colman


Far Rockaway Windy
Martin Bodek


Treadmill Cats & dogs


Congratulations, and thank you to all the runners for taking part in this on such short notice. Let’s take this concept to the next level, whatever that is. Suggestions welcome.

Martin Bodek,

Beat Reporter/Unsanctioned Race Director,

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