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JRunners Run as One for Boston, Gettysburg, and the Challenge

Posted on Apr 30, 2013 by in Musings | 0 comments

21 JRunners spread themselves out among 4 races on April 28, 2013, averaging 5.25 runners per race – a completely meaningless statistic.

They ran for lung cancer research, for solidarity with Boston, for the honored dead, and for the thrill.

In Central Park, 9 JRunning representatives toed the line. Steven Rosenbaum smoked the 4-mile course in 22:16, placing 18th out of 6,998 runners. That’s gotta be some kind of JRunners percentile record. He placed first in his age group! 6,998 runners!!! Michael Wilhelm took silver, and Mrs. Rosenbaum, AKA Judith Sambol, took third, becoming the second JRunnerette this year to earn a JOTY placement point.

The results:

Steven Rosenbaum    22:16    5:34
Michael Wilhelm        29:48    7:27
Judith Sambol        29:56    7:29
Chaim Tepler        30:10    7:33
Moshe Schon        34:09    8:33
Mark Izhak        34:28    8:37
David Balassiano    37:05    9:17
Joseph Balassiano    37:05    9:17
Jacob Granek        41:57    10:30

In Prospect Park, The JRun for Boston (AKA The 4th Multiannual Unsanctioned JRunners Half Marathon) was a success, drawing the largest starting and finishing group of all the unsanctioned JRunners races so far. Yaakov Bressler took his second consecutive unsanctioned crown, and was followed closely by Moishie Gamss, who crushed his PR by 1:17. Steven Weber took 3rd. Matt Katz sprinted past Mordechai Ovits and Martin Bodek to the finish. Mordechai could have hunted him down, but he was pacing Martin towards his PR (by 2:57! His first sub-1:40 half!) and he didn’t want to leave his buddy’s side. Dana Heitz joined us, ran well, and clipped Avi Blisko by 3 seconds. Avi doesn’t mind though. He crushed his PR by 5 minutes! Shia Itzkowitz started the race early to make some commitments, but recorded his time properly, and Shim Perlman brought it on home with a leisurely run, as he’s building up his distance at this point in the season.

The results:

Yaakov Bressler    1:29:00    6:47
Moishie Gamss    1:29:38    6:50
Steven Weber    1:33:04    7:05
Matt Katz    1:38:46    7:32
Mordechai Ovits    1:39:14    7:34
Martin Bodek    1:39:14    7:34
Dana Heitz    1:49:56    8:23
Avi Blisko    1:49:59    8:23
Shia Itzkowitz    1:55:37    8:49
Shim Perlman    2:30:42    11:29

Over at Gettysburg, our man Jonathan Pittinsky put his money where his mouth was, or his legs where his money is, or um, however the heck that metaphor works, to break 4 hours for the first time, finishing in 3:58:13. Attaboy, Jonathan!

The results:

Jonathan Pittinsky    3:58:13    9:05

20 miles north of Jonathan, Pesach Sommer propelled, squeezed, streaked, hobbled, hopscotched, and wound his way through and over mud, tunnels, glades, boulders, streams, and mazes, respectfully, and hit the floor 5 times as he grueled his way through the 50k Ironmaster’s Challenge. All together now: ouch.

The results:

Pesach Sommer    6:30:24    pace is irrelevant, he’s alive.

May is going to be an exciting month for JRunners. We’ll be running half marathons and marathons all over the place. Then, as now, we’ll be bringing you all the excitement and energy as we achieve our personnel successes.

Martin Bodek,
Beat Reporter,

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