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Out of the Whirlwind: the 5th JRunners Health Awareness 5k Blew Everyone Away

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Call it blustery, or dub it squally. Term it gusty or name it blowy. Either way you draft it, the wind that smacked around the runners – plus every freestanding and nailed down item at the staging area – was quite the tempestuous beast to be dealt with.

Nevertheless, the hardiest of the hardcore turned out for a run that was a quick blast around Prospect Park, and in the end, all the runners had to fear was zephyr itself.

Efraim Shaw finally made his personal acquaintance with much of the JRunners community, and proceeded to storm around the park at a pace that was 1:18 faster than second place. He ran at a clip of 5:23 per mile.BK14Shaw

Steven Lacob in second place was absolutely no slouch whatsoever, and did the Passaic contingent proud with a 5:48 per mile pace.

Bronze went to Chris Eidhof, a world-traveling runner, who decided to have a try at our little race, while in between flights, and came away with a neat little piece of hardware, just one full second per mile behind second place.

Age group first place medals went to Eli Sandel (4-12), Sadya Zirkind (20-29; visiting from Montreal), Jeff Church (30-39; last year’s bronze medalist, and looking very good with one year of honorary Jewish membership under his belt); David Friedman (40-49), Scott Chappe (50-59), and Bernard Klapper (70+).

Over in the womBK14Wen’s race, Connie Fried made it a repeat, revisiting the scene of her victory last year – and having run a 25k trail the day before! – with a strong-to-the-finish-despite-the-wind stride.

Her NBR teammate, Erica Silbiger, took silver, just five seconds per mile behind Connie.

Suri Klein filled out the podium with a strong finish, good for third place.

Age group victors were Chaviva Rosenzweig (4-12; just seven years old, she wasn’t just good, she was Groooooot! [inside joke for her dad]), Joy Levy (13-19), Shaina Nemtzov (20-29; it was her first runniversary! Her first ever race was last year’s JRunners 5k! She knocked off 4 minutes off her 5k time over the year), Ivette Castillo (30-39), Rivky Orlow (40-49), and Julie Dweck (50-59).

The shoutout section:BKSBH

David Balassiano: brought along a large SBH contingency. Join us again, you guys!

Mordechai Ovits: paced your humble Beat Reporter, blew through the finish line, then paced Connie Fried to her victory, then ran wee wee wee, all the way home.

NBR: Thanks for showing up in such large numbers, and with a truckload of energy to boot! We love you guys! Let’s do stuff together!

Yaakov Bressler: crackerjack MCing.

Liam Unger: fantastic photos!

Spoons: for accommodating such a large, happy post-race crowd.BKNBR

Eagletiming: consummate professionalism, preparedness, adaptability, and flexibility. Thank you, Steve and crew.

The results of the male race:

The results of the female race:

Join JRunners in 2015. We’re going to be staging races – sanctioned, unsanctioned, and virtual – whenever and wherever we can, creating some fun competitions (a mile-a-day streaker contest begins 1/1/15), joining some interesting races together (many of us have our eye on the Armory Track’s mile competitions; the Al Goldstein series is fast and fun), looking for a place to host a co-ed 5k/10k, and staging another relay. Stay tuned.

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