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On Superheroes and Setbacks

Posted on Jul 24, 2014 by in Musings | 0 comments

Certain things have always seemed out of reach, like a Ragnar style relay. I always looked at the pictures of the finishers and thought they looked like superheroes. What an awesome thing to do; so different from the accomplishment of a distance race. This is teamwork and super endurance effort and adverse conditions and everything that makes it to superhero status – like the Tough Mudder I never got to do, but that’s another story for another day. And it always was out of reach. The traditional ones always ran over Shabbos. The one year I found one that wasn’t over Shabbos, it was over Sukkos. And the JRunners relay was for men only. Until this year.

When I was first hired for this position, the one big change I wanted to make was to give women more opportunities to run. And here it is. All are welcome in this year’s relay as it is an unsanctioned event. I cannot wait. It’s my chance to be that superhero. To put together that team and create that camaraderie and rock that race with all my superhero friends. Except for one small problem that must resolve itself first.

Shinsplints. Really? I mean, sure, when I first started running, I had shinsplints. After each injury or pregnancy-enforced furlough, I would develop shinsplints. But now? After almost a full year injury free? After two marathons, one half, and hundreds of training miles? How can that be? My favorite PT explained it to me in simple, if possibly disappointed, terms. I was not over the IT band syndrome I chose to stop treating. I had simply changed my gait to accommodate it rather than deal with the problem. In changing my gait I rendered myself a new runner, again. Back to basics. Back to the foam roller and the hip strengthening routine and (gasp) time off.

So, it’s a setback. Not a major one. But the light at the end of this tunnel is the relay, the chance to grab a dozen or so of my closest friends, dearest acquaintances, total strangers, or anyone crazy enough to do this with me. Let’s rock this race.

See you at the start line . . .

Vanessa Meghnagi

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