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NYRR Celebrates JRunners Celebrating Israel

Posted on Jun 4, 2013 by in Musings | 0 comments

It was double our pleasure, double our fun at the Celebrate Israel 4-miler in Central Park on June 2, 2013.

In our pack of 19 runners (17 shy of our participation record, set on this very course two years ago), we had two ladies join us, two 14-year olds, two NJ representatives (one of which, Steven Lacob, took 2nd), two runners under 6:50, a 2-minute PR (Jonathan Pittinsky), and two of us heavily quoted in NYRR’s writeup of the race. Check it out:

Consistent with the theme, Chanan Feldman swears he mentioned JRunners at least twice, but the name-drops did not make the final cut (my quote given to NYRR’s reporter didn’t make the report either. Wahhhh!). Hey, we’ll take it. It’s about time, as we’ve been mugging for the camera for years and finally got a non front-of-the-pack-photobombing picture onto NYRR’s website.

Your leaderboard for the race:

First Last Time Pace
Joel Mandel 0:26:52 6:43
Steven Lacob 0:27:09 6:48
Stephen Rutenberg 0:28:08 7:02
Howard Tepler 0:29:35 7:24
Jonathan Pittinsky 0:30:16 7:34
Matt Katz 0:30:27 7:37
Ariel Kohane 0:29:12 7:51
Jacob Vorchheimer 0:32:54 8:14
Sheina Abramowitz 0:33:08 8:17
Eli Friedman 0:33:58 8:30
Mark Izhak 0:36:54 9:14
Chanan Feldman 0:37:27 9:22
Judith Sambol 0:37:28 9:22
Jerry Gross 0:37:38 9:25
Joseph Balassiano 0:37:47 9:27
Mendel Lakein 0:38:50 9:43
Jacob Granek 0:41:31 10:23
Yonatan Meiri 0:41:34 10:24
Dave Balassiano 0:50:36 12:39


After the race, JRunners headed out to various places to continue celebrating Israel, but two (there’s that number again) were of major significance: The Salute to Israel Parade, and the Israel vs. Honduras soccer game at Citi Field, where this reporter went and enjoyed. Israel kicked, 2-0. Ooh yeah.

Martin Bodek,

Beat Reporter,


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