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Posted on Feb 3, 2014 by in Musings | 0 comments

See what I did there? Smooshed three words together? It’s not pretty, but it’s economical, so just go with it.

January sure seems like it was a bit quiet, but there was plenty of activity as we all drew circles around ourselves and prayed for the snow and wind and cold to stop already.

In brief (because I’m still in economical mode):


1st Day 5k (Fairlawn, NJ) : Martin Bodek shlepped Joshua Goldschmidt with him, and Josh was happy Martin did because Josh won his 35-39 age group!


Joshua Goldschmidt    18:31    5:58    PR by 0:19!!
Martin Bodek        21:54    7:03    6th in age group!


NYRR Thursday Night at the Races (The Armory): These heats of various distances are staged much like the Al Goldsteins: Every Thursday night, every two weeks, for two months. Great for this merciless weather.


600 Meters:

Joel Mandel    1:38.34        Beat Bressler by :00.78!
Yaakov Bressler    1:39.12
Connie Fried    2:02.22

1000 Meters:

Joel Mandel    3:08.86

2 Mile:

Yaakov Bressler    11:09.17    5:34 pace!
Connie Fried:    13:43.94


NYCRuns Hot Chocolate 10-miler (Central Park): Two hardy souls brrrrrraved the c-c-cold and set PRs (because of it, not despite it, I say).


Glenn Pfeiffer    1:14:13    PR by 3:59
Eva Rothberg    1:17:03    PR by 2:30, 2nd in age group (not polite to say which one)!


The Bahamas Marathon (Warmville): Whitman, Price, and Haddad (62 Carmelo points if you get that reference) represented in the Bahamas, pushing wheelchairs and themselves in the hot, hot sun.


Moishie Gamss    1:37:27
Yonatan Meiri    2:05:47    1st half!
Eli Friedman    3:01:36

The Clearwater Halfathon (Florida): Meanwhile, just 370 miles away, Jonathan Pittinsky was back after booboo surgery.


Jonathan Pittinsky    1:55:47

50k: Anonymous covered the distance, but didn’t want me writing about it, so you’ll find the results in the JOTY board.


NYRR Thursday Night at the Races (The Armory): Yaakov returned to square off against himself. First he warmed up, and then he absolutely scorched it.


800 Meters:

Yaakov Bressler    2:18.61

1 Mile:

Yaakov Bressler    5:05.50    Wow!!! That’s like, 5:05 per mile!!!


The Efraim Fishel Lebovits Half (Central Park): It was 18 degrees at the start (-73 with the wind chill), but three bravados finished the course anyway (and one, Avi Blisko, volunteered in the frigidity).


Joel Mandel    1:37:12
Scott Smith    1:46:49    PR by 0:27!
Ruth Leibowitz    2:43:29

1 month down, 11 to go! Hopefully, it’ll be a little warmer from this point forward.

Martin Bodek,
Beat Reporter,

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