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JRunning as One, Absolutely Everywhere

Posted on May 1, 2014 by in Musings | 0 comments

The story of the JRunner participation of the 4/27/14 weekend wasn’t the amount of runners that ran: 30 – no big whoop, we’ve got a lot of represenation that we’re proud of – but the sheer variety of distances, number of races, and mass migrarations that occurred to make it happen.

Ever see a chart of airplane flights laid over a map of the United States? That must have been what the travel paths must have looked like.

We had runners in Jersey and York (Interesting that you can remove “New” from either state, and the former remains identifiable, while the latter seems to be like you’re talking about a place in England. Anyhoo…) who came from all over the five boroughs, we had Jerseyans in Virginia, we had Queensians in Ontario (that’s gotta be a first!), we had Brooklynites apparently in five towns at once, and naturally, we had Brooklynites in Brooklyn and North Jerseyans in North Jersey.

There were 9 races in all, and they covered various distances: 1M, 5K, 4M, 5M, 13.1M, and 26.2M. PRs were smashed (Yossi Cohn by 22 minutes!!!), big lifetime marathon numbers were tallied (see the notes on Orlow and Hirsch Below), the mile was scorched (fastest of the day was 4:33!), and the Ovits family represented 1.4% of the field at their 5k.

The results are below. Don’t blame us if you develop Nintendinitis from working your scrolling finger so much:

New Jersey Marathon

Aaron Rosenfeld        3:24:07    7:47    PR by 1:20

Moshe Lewis        3:31:52    8:05    PR by 10:11

Yossi Cohn        3:34:15    8:10    PR by 22:33!

David Friedman        3:36:17    8:15    PR by 9:30

Glenn Pfeiffer        3:59:44    9:09

Jerry Gross        5:10:13    11:50


New Jersey Half Marathon

Steven Lacob        1:23:21    6:21    PR by 8:59

Rachel Mittel        1:38:13    7:29    PR by 2:02

Faige Friedman        1:54:00    8:42    PR by 2:47

Joe Herman        1:57:50    8:59

Adina Wiener        2:03:47    9:26    PR by 1:29

Joseph Balassiano    2:14:30    10:16

David Balassiano    2:14:32    10:16


Run as One 4M

Steven Rosenbaum    22:23    5:36

Scott Smith        27:43    6:56    PR by 0:38

Rebecca Schwartz    30:12    7:33    PR by 1:05

Chanan Feldman        33:28    8:22

Eli Friedman        34:28    8:37

Avi Blisko        34:32    8:38

Jacob Granek        44:19    11:05


Gettysburg North-South Marathon

Jonathan Pittinsky    4:24:28    10:05


Waterloo Ontario Marathon

Adam Orlow        3:40:58    8:26    18th marathon


FIDV 5T5K[*]

Mordechai Ovits        19:14    6:12    3rd place!

Ariel Kohane        21:59    7:05

Yitz Ovits        28:47    9:16


The NYCRUNS Mile At The McCarren Park Classic

Shmuel Gross        5:03    5:03

Joel Mandel        5:12    5:12

Connie Fried        6:17    6:17


RunAPalooza Marathon

Elik Hirsch        4:38:56    10:39    38th marathon


Alley Pond Striders 5M Challenge

Elik Hirsch        37:11    7:26


Martin Bodek,

Beat Reporter,


[*] Special Expanded Ovits Family Section as Reported by the Family Fratriarch:

3  Mordechai Ovits 37 M  19:14.1

38  Amichai Levy    26 M  24:34.1 My brother-in-law, 1st place age group

101  Isaac Ovits     32 M  28:47.1 My brother

128  Channa Ovits    25 F  30:05.0 My sister, 3rd place age group

201  Z. Ovits         12 M  35:24.5 My son

204  Ayala Cohen     38 F  35:50.7 My sister


I’m pretty sure my sis and b-i-l were the most age-awarded married couple there. 🙂

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