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JRunners Successfully Defend Mileage, Hills, and The Heroican Way

Posted on May 23, 2014 by in Musings | 0 comments

13 JRunners completely avoided racing in NYC on May 18, 2014, which is smart, if you think about it. Most superheroes live in major cities and cause untold damage when supervillains come calling (did you see “Man of Steel”? The damage from one fistfight with Zod and company must have cost 4 badrillion dollars worth of destruction), don’t they? Our contingent was wise enough to find itself in the other two states of the (runners’) tri-state area (we don’t know where this “CT” place is), so the wreckage would be minimal when facing the forces of evil.

At The SuperHero Half in Morristown, the evil was the new course, which features five miles of pain before leveling off, as opposed to two loops featuring a single daunting hill on each. Which would you prefer?: Trust me, you’d want the old version. So many of the group were so winded after the first segment that PRs were not reported by anyone.

Nevertheless, pretty much everyone put in a time and performance of which they were – and JRunners as a club should be – very proud.

Some items worth bringing to light in addition to the notes in the chart below:

Our Brooklyn podium sweep is really, really awesome!

Rachel’s t-shirt?: “You just got passed by a skirt!” Ooooh, burn!

Martin’s funniest race moment?: A kid yelling, “Ooh, look The Incredible Hulk,” when in fact, it was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Your Superhero Half results, non-secret identities, and factoids:

Steven “PhotoBomber” Lacob        1:23:48    Placed 9th overall! Faster than #1 woman by 1 second!
Yossi “Yellow Man” Pancer        1:35:49    1st Brooklynite overall!
Eva “The Master Blaster” Rothberg    1:41:54    7th female master! Highest age-graded performance among JRunners (67.01)
Rachel “Awesome T-shirt” Mittel        1:42:47
Martin “SuperJew” Bodek            1:43:20 4th fastest out of 25 lifetime halfs!
Glenn “The Pfied” Pfeiffer        1:43:44
Rebecca “Batgirl” Schwartz        1:44:20
Moshe “Renaissance Man” Sanders        1:47:06    2nd Brooklynite!
Zevi “Raise The Roof” Jaffa        1:47:07    3rd Brooklynite! We swept!
Jonathan “Let’s Play Two” Pittinsky    1:47:51
Shia “GrandMaster” Itzkowitz        1:54:49

Meanwhile, in another part of New Jersey, Joe Herman pulled off heroics of Olympic proportions by participating in an Olympic-distance triathlon.

Your Red Bank Triathlon    results:

Joe Herman        3:14:06

Over in Pennsylvania, the heroics displayed was the distance conquered (*were* the distance conquered? I can’t figure that out).

Your Dirty German 50 Mile results:

Elik Hirsch        10:37:40

Whoa, and he’s got a 100-miler on the docket this year.

Great accomplishments, everyone! Cue your superhero music of choice! (Hmmm, I think there’s really only 3 [Kent, Wayne, Parker] popular ones. I’ll do some research)

Martin Bodek,
Beat Reporter,

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