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JRunners Storms Back for Sea Gate

Posted on Dec 5, 2012 by in Musings | 0 comments

79 gentlemen and 64 ladies raised $55,000 dollars and ran 3.3 miles on a 60 degree day in Prospect Park. The proceeds generated by the impassioned runners went to recovery efforts for the community of Sea Gate, ravaged and upended by Hurricane Sandy.

Steve Holmbraker, director of the event – and of all JRunners club races – was amazed at the turnout and show of solidarity.

“I don’t know Bodie, make up a quote or something. You’re good with that,” he said, emphasizing the wonderful camaraderie in the crowd.

Chezky Rosenblum, one of the JRunners co-founders, was especially proud of the volunteer corps that turned out to support the runners.

“Bodie, make up something for me. Look and see for yourself. Whatever you write, I’ll be okay with.”

Matt Katz, another of the co-founders – who placed 9th for the race – was also impressed with the solidarity and show of force, saying, “Hey, it’s my anniversary today. My wife’s name is Faigy. Put that in your writeup.”

Steven Rosenbaum was the winner of the race, finishing the just-shy-of-a-full-loop of Prospect Park in 18:40.

“Quote?,” he said, “You want a quote? Ummm, can’t you make something up? You’re a creative guy, no?”

Yitzy Mittel placed second, at 19:05. About an hour later, his wife Rachel would win the ladies race with a time of 23:29.

“What? You’re allowed to speak with women?” she said, “Don’t you know where you are? You could get in trouble.”

Yaakov Bressler was the first to arrive among three brothers in the pack, including his twin Moshe.

“Yaakov won the race!” said 12-year old Menachem Bressler. When asked to clarify, he said, “Oh, not this one, another one.”

Martin Bodek placed 8th for the race, just behind Moshe Bressler and just ahead of Matt Katz.

“What, you’re reporting about yourself in the…what is this, the fourth person? Have you gone mad?”

Overall, it was a banner day for Sea Gate, for JRunners, for Prospect Park and for fitness.

Yitzy Engel, official JRunners photographer, summed up the mood of the day best: “Hey Bodie, where’s Gamss? I wanted to take a picture of him doing somersaults at the finish line.”

Martin Bodek completed the summary of the grand event, chaired by Mordechai Ben David, as follows: “Wait, are you Yitzy or Hillel? You guys look so much alike. Give my regards to your father.”

Martin is the Beat Reporter for, he is also the co-founder of Clearly he’s flexing his humor muscles so he can launch another issue. He is also still accepting donations on behalf of Sea Gate at and donating all proceeds from his booksales over the next three months directly to Sea Gate recovery efforts at and

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