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JRunners Steam Into Six Towns

Posted on Oct 16, 2013 by in Musings | 0 comments

24 JRunners invaded various races all over the tri-state area (our version, that is: NY, NJ, PA) and put in exceptional and noteworthy performances. 96.875 miles were the difference between the shortest race and the longest. More on that later, for now let’s break it down race by race, shall we?

Steamtown Marathon

Aaron Rosenfeld gets props for organizing the first ever JRunners Steamtown Marathon Minyan. Naturally, he busted his PR by the same amount of seconds as is the gematria of the Shem Havaya. Coincidence? Yes. Yitzy Mittel broke his own JRunners Marathon record by 2:30 (Joseph Pancer holds the pre-JRunners establishment record with his 2:39 at Boston ’98). He placed 30th overall (out of 2166) and 2nd in his age group (out of 172). Wow. Steven Lacob kablammed his PR by 48 whole minutes. In the ladies division, rock-steady Rachel Mittel went sub 3:40 again and newcomer Rebecca Schwartz broke her PR by 12 minutes. Your results:

Yitzy Mittel    2:50:58

Steven Lacob    3:09:05

Mordechai Ovits    3:22:34

Matt Katz    3:23:35

Steven Weber    3:25:00

Aaron Rosenfeld    3:25:16

Moishie Gamss    3:27:48

Rachel Mittel    3:39:32

Rivky Schwartz    3:42:22

Yisroel Pupko    3:54:47

Michael Weber    3:56:25

Moshe Sanders    4:27:06

Atlantic City Marathon

Over in Jersey, 3 of us were out there in a tight pack, probably around each other the whole time. Paul was actually the 3:55 pace leader, coming in under his mark by 9 seconds. How perfect is that? Both Aaron Popack and Yossi Cohn weres running their first marathon, and their final times are absolutely spectacular for a first outing. Your results:

Aaron Popack    3:53:15

Paul Kentor    3:54:51

Yossi Cohn    3:56:48

Staten Island HalfJoelAvi

Back in New York (but really, shouldn’t Staten Island be part of New Jersey?), 5 JRunners had a grand old time with Joel Mandel setting a blistering pace, Avi Blisko smashing his PR by 38 seconds, Yossi Pancer continuing his hammy recovery, Mrs. Asher Fried running a nice race, and Ariel Kohane bringing it on home. Your results:

Joel Mandel    1:29:01

Avi Blisko    1:45:43

Yossi Pancer    1:50:22

Faigy Fried    2:05:58

Ariel Kohane    2:16:24

Tough Mudder Tri State

Back in Jersey, 2 of the more lunatic of our crowd ran 7,382 miles through piranha lakes, crocodile swamps, and acid pools, or something like that. At the end, they looked like extras from The Walking Dead. They still exist, and that’s all that matters. Your results:

David Devor    Alive

Simcha Wolin    Living

Inwood 5k

Way back over in New York again, more Ovitsim were out there. Yitz set a PR, as did his sister Ayala (not a JRunner yet, but we’re recruiting). Your result:

Yitz Ovits    28:47

Tesla Herz 100-miler

Now we come to the mama jama, the big kahuna, the overlord of all races. Our man Elik Hirsch ran 100 miles. How amazing is his performance? Oh yes, I searched for metaphors, but I cast them off, because I can explain it this way: of the 24 who started the race, only 6 finished; 5 men, 1 woman. That’s it. Elik was one of them (the men, that is), in 3rd place. That’s a 75% DNF rate, and he made it to the end. The Navy SEALS don’t even have a BUDS Training failure rate that high. Elik is the man. Your Result:

Elik Hirsch    28:55:30

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