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JRunners Steam Into Six Towns Again

Posted on Oct 14, 2014 by in Musings | 0 comments

Last year, on the very same day, 24 JRunners invaded 6 races in 3 states (NY, NJ, PA). Fast forward to this year, and we upped the ante: 28 JRunners invaded 6 races in 5 states (NY, NJ, PA, IL, CT).

PRs were, once again, smashed all over the place. BQs were also accomplished by slim and wide margins. The notes I’ve included on each runner’s line tell most of the full story, and I’ve added additional notes at the end of each race section. Much thanks to cub JReporter Rebecca Schwartz for helping me compile some of the information.

SI Half

Mordechai Ovits        1:23:09    6:21    PR by 1:51, 87th out of 9,537, beaten by only two womenGuards

Dov Gertzulin        1:23:46    6:24    PR by 1:19

Joel Mandel        1:27:52    6:43    PR by 0:51

Levi Chitrik        1:30:24    6:55    PR by 5:10

Connie Fried        1:39:45    7:37    PR by 1:19

Martin Bodek        1:42:18    7:49    Course PR out of 7 lifetime

Sheya Spilman        1:46:24    8:08    PR by 0:13

Joshua Itzkowitz    1:54:09    8:43

Steven Lowinger        1:54:25    8:45

Joseph Balassiano    1:56:08    8:52    PR by 18:22

Shaina Nemtzov        1:56:43    8:55    PR by 15:24

Yonatan Meiri        2:04:17    9:30    PR by 1:40

David Balassiano    2:17:24    10:30    PR by 0:18

Ruth Liebowitz        2:54:43    13:21

Jennifer Gersch        3:00:17    13:46

Additional notes: The top 5 all PRed. Awesome…Mordechai made it look easy. That’s what happens when you train hard…Connie’s first sub-1:40…This was Martin’s 3rd fastest of 28 (!) lifetime halfs (halves?)…Looks like Daddy Balassiano took the training wheels off Junior Balassiano. It was the biggest PR of the day…Shaina has shaved 1:15 per mile off her half marathon time over the last 5 months…God bless Ruth Liebowitz, who rules the JRunners 70-79 division. She’s ageless, but who’s counting? You go, girl!…

Steamtown MarathonSteam3

Rebecca Schwartz    3:26:14    7:52     PR by 16:10, BQ by 13:46

Eva Rothberg        3:35:05    8:13    PR by 10:24, BQ by 9:55

Glenn Pfeiffer        3:44:54    8:35    PR by 5:11, stated goal was 3:45:00

Jonathan Pittinsky    4:27:32    10:13

Elik Hirsch        4:48:10    11:00    Not bad considering he ran a marathon THE DAY BEFORE!!!

Additional notes: The girls rule!…Glenn “bucked up” (inside joke)…Elik earned Iridium Level Marathon Maniac status, again!…



Inwood 5k

Yitz Ovits        27:34    8:53

Channa Gila Ovits Levy    30:43    9:54

Ayala Ovits Cohen    32:00    10:18    3rd in age group

Additional notes: 1, 2, 3, 4, yup, every Ovits sibling was out there running…

Chicago Marathon

Jane Vongvorachoti    2:40:40    6:09    PR by 4:11

Dana Heitz        3:34:10    8:10    PR by 2:09, BQed by 0:50elik

Additional notes: Jane came *thisclose* to the all-time JRunners marathon record…Hoo-ha, Dana!…

Hartford Marathon

Elik Hirsch        4:29:27    10:17    Pacing himself for a marathon THE NEXT DAY!!!

Additional notes: Wow…

Tri State Tough Mudder


Yosef Golubchik        Lived

Additional notes: Oh yeah, sure, try to claim all three states at once. No wonder he fancies himself a comedian…

That about covers it! Marathons galore, coming up! Much to report too! Let’s get after those PRs and BQs, everyone!

Martin Bodek,

Beat Reporter,

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