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JRunners Slice Up, Tune Up, Half Up PRs

Posted on Sep 22, 2014 by in Musings | 0 comments

It was a gorgeous Sunday morning on 9/14/14, the most gorgeous for an 18M tuneup that any of us can remember, so gorgeous and so comfy that everyone, everywhere they were, slaughtered their PRs or came very close to it. Standouts at the tuneup were the top five, all of whom PRed: Yossi Pancer, who turned the clock all the way back and beat the entire field (it should be noted for posterity that when this race was a 30k back in the day, he did it in 1:55:01, 6:11 per mile, which is insane); Moshe Lewis who took the Vibrams Age Group; Connie Fried, Eva Rothberg, and Rebecca Schwartz, who each “chicked” Martin Bodek in the final miles (and Rebecca let him hear it!). Martin gets special mention for taking it in good humor, as does Jacob Vorchheimer, who beat his PR by the biggest margin of the day. 16:37! Way to go!

Your results, with some notes:

NYRR 18M Tuneup

Joseph Pancer        2:09:53    7:13    PR by 3:55

Moshe Lewis        2:13:59    7:26    PR by 2:50

Connie Fried        2:20:18    7:48    PR by 6:42

Eva Rothberg        2:21:18    7:51    PR by 10:32; 8th in Age Group

Rebecca Schwartz    2:23:04    7:57    PR by 4:02

Martin Bodek        2:24:32    8:02    2nd fastest of 11 lifetime 18Ms

Scott Smith        2:26:44    8:10    1st 18M; PR

Glenn Pfeiffer        2:27:10    8:11    Missed PR by 9 seconds

Steven Lowinger        2:32:00    8:27    PR by 16:23

Levi Chitrik        2:33:33    8:32    PR by 5:28

Jacob Vorchheimer    2:37:01    8:44    PR by 16:37

Martin Maltz        2:45:19    9:12    2nd fastest lifetime

Shaina Nemtzov        2:49:52    9:27    1st 18M; PR

Ruth Liebowitz        3:31:27    11:45    5th in Age Group

Meanwhile, over in Queens, Jane Vongvorachoti – who we claim as our own because of her participation in our December race last year – beat the ladies field outright on a twisty course that unnerved some, but was embraced by others. The Orlow hubby/wife team showed up for this one because hey, if it’s in Queens, they’re there because it’s their (that’s difficult to write right, right?) ‘hood. Michael Appel could be heard all the way over to Central Park doing his Balki Bartokomous Dance of Joy for getting under 2:00 for the half for the first time. Nice going!

The results:

NYCRUNS Queens Half

Jane Vongvorachoti    1:25:05    6:29    Outright winner of women’s race

Adam Orlow        1:40:26    7:39

Rivky Orlow        1:48:11    8:15

Dana Heitz        1:52:42    8:36

Michael Appel        1:59:56    9:09    1st sub-2:00 half

Meanwhile, off the waters of Manhattan that are suddenly so clean that sharks are returning (no really! Look that up!), Elik Hirsch was enjoying a very unique event in which he took first in his age group, which is a cool thing no matter what the competition is. His 21:32 5k is a very nice time following a no-wetsuit half mile swim.

The result:

Summer’s Not Done Aquarun (.5 swim/5k run)

Elik Hirsch        38:53

Last, but so not least, 19-year old Efraim Shaw put in a Half Ironman performance that still has us lollygagging in the JRunners Yahoo! group. We just can’t believe the time he sliced off the JRunners record and entered elite-level status (the Ironman record is believed to be around 3:41, though there’s no consensus on official courses), with, we have to be frank, way too much humility. He should be braggin’. Zeh hakaton gadol yehiyeh!

The astounding result:

Pocono Mountains Half

Efraim Shaw        4:20:12        2nd place! Reduced JRunners record by 18 minutes


Martin Bodek,

Beat Reporter,

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