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JRunners Rock Jerusalem, Virtually, and Ferrealz

Posted on Mar 14, 2018 by in Musings | 0 comments

JRunners Rock Jerusalem, Virtually, and Ferrealz


Martin Bodek

JRunners had a nice turnout for the Jerusalem Marathon. Chai in total: Five in The City Of Gold, and thirteen all over Brooklyn, Jersey, and Manhattan – or, as its known to club members: the tri-state area.

Martin Bodek, crazy person, did the whole thing on his treadmill – and didn’t take a nap in middle this time.

Moishie Gamss is your official winner, but that’s based on moving time, as he grouped with Reuven Karman and Matt Katz. All of them can share gold.

Jeffrey Morgensten and Allen Lieberman teamed up as well, but they’re moving time was the exact same. Explain that, gold medal winners.

Pupko, Dahan, Engelberg, Roher, and Rosenberg went solo – Dahan on her treadmill, Roher around lower manhattan, and the Running Friedmans coupled up when David headed out the door, and Faige said wait for me!

In the real world, Lesley Schofield was first fof the American crowd, followed by the Galena twins, and the scion of the Orlow dynasty did a great job at the half.

Acharon acharon chaviv, Beatie Deutsch, bedecked in familiar orthodox garb, was first among all Israeli women, edged only by Kenyan and Ethiopian marvels. We made note of her last year, when she completed the race whilst seven months pregnant, but this was taking it to another level. We claim her as an honorary member of JRunners because she’s freaking awesome.[*]

Virtual Jerusalem full

Martin Bodek 5:24:23

Virtual Jerusalem half

Moishie Gamss 1:43:38
Reuven Karman 1:44:03
Matt Katz 1:45:25
Jeffrey Morgenstern 1:49:00
Allen Lieberman 1:49:00
Yisroel Pupko 1:56:58
Shaindy Dahan 1:58:18
Jack Engelberg 2:00:00
David Friedman 2:03:07
Faige Friedman 2:06:22
David Roher 2:07:40
Mandy Rosenberg 2:55:25

Actual Jerusalem Full

Beatie Deutsch 3:09:50
Lesley Schofield 4:53:52
Seth Galena 5:06:28
Isaac Galena 5:10:20

Actual Jerusalem Half

Avi Orlow 1:36:24
Solomon Babani 1:59:59
Yoni Meiri 3:00:00

[*] This just in: Seems Beatie is a member of the JRunners Strava group, hence, she’s officially a JRunner. No honorary accreditation needed. Awesome.

Martin writes books. As his idol, Christoper Hitchens said, “If you buy my book, I’ll sign it for you.”:,

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