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JRunners Strike Gold(stein) Again

Posted on Jul 16, 2015 by in Musings | 0 comments

From the desk of Keith Sanders, Beat Reporter, WJRN:

Thanks to everyone (eight of us, I think) who joined tonight for the 5K at Prospect Park, on a good night (though 10 degrees cooler and less humidity would have helped) evening for running. I drove a couple of us to intervals afterward, where we did even more running- but only we first heard the medal results, and congratulations are in order to Mordechai Ovits (1st in his age group, though he committed the cardinal sin of finishing before me and not cheering me on at the finish) and Ester Panigel (3rd in her age group, out of five finishers). Special thanks to Hershy Mandel and Chai Horowitz (lives in the city, trying to get him to join this Brooklyn group) for finishing before me, and taking the time to scream “Go Keith” as I approached the finish at 22:21, or 22:27 official (gun time). ūüôā

Those who read my “results” post two weeks ago, may remember Shenia Smith- the tiny 11 year old that I beat by three seconds (my 22:49, her 22:52) on July 1st. I am proud to report that I increased my lead over Shenia, and my 22:27 official time, beat her 22:35 by a full eight seconds! ūüôā Unfortunately, I found yet another three foot tall, 12 year old girl to keep pace with for much of the race, and I just couldn’t shake Ginger Mullen, who finished in 22:14, and pulled away at the 2.75 mile mark. My goal for two weeks from now- to lose to as few three-foot-tall 11 and 12 year old girls as possible.

Speaking of two weeks from now, there are only two more races left for the year, and the 5K in two weeks is already available to sign up. Just $5! If anyone would like a ride to intervals afterwards, let me know before the race, and I would be happy to drive you over before 8:30PM (when they now start).

From the desk of Martin Bodek, Beat Reporter, WJRN:

While I prepare Keith Sanders’ press credentials as the newest member of the WJRN newsroom (nice writeup!), give some love to our JRunners representatives at last night’s Al Goldstein 5k:

Mordechai Ovits    17:30    5:39    12th, 2nd straight first in AG medal
Joel Mandel    18:08    5:51
Chaim Tepler    21:04    6:48
Chai Horowitz    21:24    6:54
Matt Katz    21:42    7:00
Keith Sanders    22:27    7:15
Michael Wilehlm    25:50    8:20
Shaina Nemtzov    25:58    8:23
Aaron Panigel    26:08    8:26
Ester Panigel    26:19    8:29    3rd in AG
Mandy Rosenberg    30:43    9:55
Michael Weber    36:48    11:52
Val Weber¬†¬† ¬†36:52¬†¬† ¬†11:54¬†¬† ¬†6 years old, I’ll remind you




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