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JRunners Pull Off Superheroics at Various Locations

Posted on May 22, 2013 by in Musings | 4 comments

BodiePancerOvits2JRunners divided themselves between Cuomoville and Christieland on Sunday, May 19, 2013. 14 PR-hunters were sprinkled among 4 races, with the lion’s share attending the Superhero Half in Morristown, NJ, the lioness’ share at the Pocono Run for the Red, and one cub’s share each at the Highland Park 5k and GoRuck Tough in Long Beach, NY.

At Superhero, Mordechai Ovits put on a clinic, posting the second most negativist splittiness among the top 20 racers. Yes, top 20. He finished 17th in the field of 1,131. The percentile is so small it can’t even be counted. Rachel Mittel is the first JRunnerette to earn a silver among her peers. She smoked third-placer Martin Bodek, in his SuperJew regalia and all, on the hill he told everyone wasn’t there so everyone would join him for the race. Liar, but it worked. Yossi Pancer ran a quality race, Jonathan Pittinsky set yet another PR, Glenn Pfeiffer finished strong, newcomer Jason Elo ran a nice race, and David Balassiano Jr., AKA Joseph Balassiano, caboosed the JRunners parade with aplomb.

Over in the Poconos, PRs were missed or made by hairsbreadths. Steven Weber beat the pack with a great performance, Matt Katz ran his second marathon of theyear and made further headway towards his familiar position atop the JOTY standings, Yisroel Pupko missed it by this much, and Michael Wilhelm made it by this much.

In Highland Park, (NY) Abraham Lebovits ran his first 5k of the season as he revved his engine in pursuit of more PRs.

Finally, Yitz Ovits apparently carried bricks for 12 hours so he could earn a patch. At least that’s what I gather from his Facebook notes and e-mails. I’m going to let him speak for himself on this one so he can clarify. More JRunners Beat Reporters are needed anyway.

Your results:

Highland Park 5k

Abraham Lebovits    30:54RedMen2

GoRuck Tough

Yitz Ovits        12:00:00    Not kidding

Pocono Run for the Red

Steven Weber        3:21:36    Missed PR by < :30

Matt Katz        3:31:27    Missed PR by < 3:00

Yisroel Pupko        3:45:40 Missed PR by ~:60

Michael Wilhelm        3:58:13 PR by :03

Superhero Half

Mordechai Ovits        1:27:10 Negative split by 3:19

Rachel Mittel        1:40:21

Martin Bodek        1:43:26

Joseph Pancer        1:44:23

Jonathan Pittinsky    1:46:20 PR by :52

Glenn Pfeiffer        1:48:18

Jason Elo        2:23:35

Joseph Balassiano    2:36:51

Martin Bodek,

Beat Reporter,


  1. As usual Bodie , your write-up rocks !

  2. Congratulations all runners.
    Bodie, you rock !!! Thank you

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