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JRunners Literally and Virtually Have an Awesome Time at the Jerusalem Marathon & Half

Posted on Mar 29, 2016 by in Musings | 0 comments

On March 18, 2016, 14 JRunners participated in the 6th running of the Jerusalem Marathon festival. Eleven did the half virtually, one did the full virtually, and two did the real deal Holyfield.

The virtual halfers did their thing, starting at 12:45 AM, on, or in:

  • Treadmills: Moishie Gamss, who put in the fastest run of the night. From the picture he supplied, it looks like he kept himself busy watching SportsCenter.
  • The streets of Northern NJ: Zelig Mandel, all “farpitzed” in his safety gear. He also incorporated Wallington and East Rutherford, and enjoyed a tour over and alongside the Passaic River; David Roher ran a 1 mile loop in his neighborhood 13.1 times. He sure got ‘er did; Abraham Lebovits, along Route 27, after a 12-hour ER shift. No, not the famous one that goes from the westernmost point in Brooklyn to the Easternmost point in Long Island (and probably at least 7 places named in a Billy Joel song), but the more boring one in NJ that goes from a city you never heard of to a random interchange you don’t care about. He probably still had fun. Little known fact, though: Route 27 is part of the Lincoln Highway, which – once upon a time – went coast to coast! Take that, Long Island!
  • The streets of Brooklyn: Aaron Panigel and Matt Katz, both solo. Interestingly, they ran in the same areas, but their paths did not cross.
  • The Long Beach Boardwalk: David Devor led a troupe which included 1st time half-marathoners Robert Davis and Tzvika Langsam. We hear they’re now in for life.
  • The perimeter of Central Park: Mandy Rosenberg and Jonathan Gersch. They must have heard that the NYPD gives out tickets for those who run inside the park before dawn. Ironies: the one person who asked them for directions was an Israeli, and when they needed the facilities, they used Mount Sinai Hospital.

The virtual fuller did his thing, starting at 1 AM, on:

  • His treadmill: Martin Bodek endured a long night of fatigue, battling the need to sleep by gorging on caffeine and taking two 10-minute sleep breaks, one at mile 10, another at mile 20. He kept his brain busy by watching standup and heavy metal/guitar concerts on his iPad. He then showered, and headed off to work.

The real dealers did it in:

  • The streets of Jerusalem: Joe Bootin set a PR – which is a ridiculous thing to do, considering those hills – and Jonathan Pittinsky toughed through a shin injury to finish strong.

The JRunners club intends to do this again next year, in Jerusalem, Amen. For those who can’t make it, various venues in the bi-state area await thee, and perhaps we can spread this even beyond.

Our official results:

The Real Deal Jerusalem Marathon

Joe Bootin 4:50:45
Jonathan Pittinsky 5:07:38

The Virtual Marathon

Martin Bodek 5:34:17

The Virtual Half Marathon

Moishie Gamss 1:21:59
Matt Katz 1:36:50
David Devor 2:07:46
Zelig Mandel 2:21:59
Aaron Panigel 2:23:18
Robert Davis 2:28:43
David Roher 2:33:18
Tzvika Langsam 2:47:00
Jonathan Gersch 3:02:32
Mandy Rosenberg 3:02:32
Abraham Lebovits 3:05:01

Martin Bodek,
Beat Reporter,

Martin writes books ( and also sells them for bupkiss ( Why? Well, do you think serving as Beat Reporter pays the bills? Pfft!

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