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JRunners: Hot Stuff in the Heat

Posted on Sep 27, 2016 by in Musings | 0 comments

JRunners was everywhere on 9/18/16 (IRONMAN 70.3 Atlantic City, Toughman Half triathlon, Morgantown Marathon, NYRR – ING NYC Marathon Tune-Up – 18 Miles, Newport Liberty Half Marathon) and everywhere its members were, the muggy, oppressive, stifling humidity followed them. That didn’t stop anyone from putting in command performances though. This is how everyone did:

At the Atlantic City Half Iron, Efraim Shaw set a new JRunners male record by 24 seconds (previously held by an Effy Shaw), placed 11th overall, and 2nd in his Age Group. Not to be outdone, Dana Heitz, also lowered her own club record by 9 whole minutes. 9 JRunners overall participated, which might be a record. Statkeepers are still poring over the record books at press time. Sheina Abramowitz-Shur (check out her write-up!: and David Roher set PRs:RoherShofar

Efraim Shaw 4:19:48
Steven Weber 5:39:55
Dana Heitz 6:10:45
Michael Weber 6:17:42
Yisroel Pupko 6:27:20
Shlomo Rosenzweig 6:33:16
Sheina Abramowitz-Shur 6:52:14
David Roher 6:55:22
Michael Wilhelm 7:22:35

At the TAaronJackoughman Tri Half Iron in Harriman State Park, both participants were attempting the distance for the first time, and put in some stunning debut times, despite a new, tougher course with 1200+ feet elevation for the run portion and 4500+ for the bike part.

Aaron Rosenfeld 6:22:38
Jack Engelberg 6:28:33

At the Morgantown Marathon in West Virginia, Elik Hirsch extended his club record for marathon states. He’s now run in 15 different ones, more than doubling second place:

Elik Hirsch 4:37:05

At the NYCM Tune-Up in a Central Park that felt like The Congo, Shmuel Weisz paced the field of 7, and Martin Bodek ran his 6th fastest of 13 lifetime Tune-Ups. That’s a lot of Tune-Ups. Heck, he might own the record (he asked the stat crew to find that out too):

Shmuel Weisz 2:31:21EliMe
Eli Friedman 2:37:38
Glenn Pfeiffer 2:40:36
Martin Bodek 2:49:23
Scott Smith 2:51:58
David Balassiano 3:31:58
Jennifer Gersch 4:40:59

At the Newport Liberty Half in Everglades-like Jersey City, Dov Gertzulin ran his 5th half of the year, leading all club members, and the man who took silver pulled something off that we think is incredible: a new PR, at a Bernard Lagat-ish age. Actually, older! Nice going, Adam! You give us Bartolo Colons hope:

Dov Gertzulin 1:27:24
Adam Orlow 1:37:47
Rebecca Schwartz 1:45:09
Rivky Orlow 1:54:17
Michael Appel 2:46:10
Yael Colman 2:48:26
David Colman 2:48:26

Tri-season is winding down, and the cooler marathon days are coming. It’s gonna be fun around here. Happy fall, everyone!

Martin Bodek,
Beat Reporter,

Martin is a biblioholic. It’s so bad, he writes them while he waits for his favorite authors to come out with their next books. He’s got a fever, and the only prescription is when you enjoy his output:,

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