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JRunners Have a Lovely Summer’s Day in Middle of Winter

Posted on Dec 17, 2015 by in Musings | 0 comments

It was the last weekend of the year that would have such a high level of race saturation before racing itself largely goes into hibernation for the winter – which may or may not arrive.

JRunners spread out across the five boroughs (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, NJ, and Arizona, apparently), and put in some fine performances. Let’s check in with all them, shall we?:

The Passaic Chanukah 5kShaw

Our man Efraim came, Shaw, and conquered the competition. He bolted out the gates like shot out of a cannon, had some competition for the first mile and lost him, then left scorchmarks in the earth with a 4:07 closing stretch. Rachel Mittel took the women’s race and missed the JRunners 5k female record by just two seconds!

Your results, including the next generation of sub-2:40 Boston Marathoner finishers, and sponsored by the Mittels of West Orange Bakery and Zelig Mandel of Sofer Plus (who both also sponsored the race):

Efraim Shaw 17:14 For the win!
Rachel Mittel 21:23 For the win!
Zelig Mandel 24:43
Zevi Pancer 33:39
Danielle Pancer 41:06
Shmuli Pancer 49:05

The not-so-Frozen Bonsai Half

Mendle Reinitz broke Facebook with all the pics he put up of his first ever half marathon, but give the man his props, because zeh hakaton gadol yehiyeh, and he’s off to a great start. Moishe Sanders shepped naches from his son, then became a grandpappy a day later! Mazel tov!

Your results:

Zevi Jaffa 1:59:07
Jack Engelberg 2:01:54
Zach Sanders 2:02:22
Moishe Sanders 2:05:59
Mendle Reinitz 2:28:17 1st 1/2!

Trail Mix-up 50k at Alley Pond Park

At pretty much the last chance for an ultra this year ’round these parts, five of us put in some long legwork. Three were first-timers, two were old pros. It’s worth noting that Moishie and Elik are one of four JRunners who still have their mile-a-day-streak (¬†alive since the beginning of the year (the others are sibs Shmuly Engelman and Judy Fischmann), and yes, it continued the day after. Rebecca missed her own JRunners 50k record by just a few minutes, but she vows to accomplish that at Caumsett next year.

Your results:

Moishie Gamss 4:20:36 8th place!
Rebecca Schwartz 4:50:13 2nd place overall female!
David Friedman 4:56:50
Elik Hirsch 5:30:27
Julian Maxwell 5:57:29

Ted Corbitt 15k

And he complained he wasn’t feeling well. I’d auction body parts to put in the time that he did.

Your result:

Joel Mandel 1:03:20

Arizona Fiesta Bowl 1/2

Lesley Schofield took advantage of a business trip by inserting a nearby race into her schedule. In so doing, she now has run half marathons in 7 states, which is the new JRunners record (ahead of your ultra guys Moishie and Elik, with 6 each). Nice going!

Your result:

Lesley Schofield 1:51:35 PR!

NYRR Open Run (~2.5M)

Huh? What’s this? here you go:

Your results:

Shmuly Katz 24:40 3rd place!
Matt Katz 24:42 4th place!

What’s next? 2016? Some of us are doing this before then: Join us!

Also, we have another edition of our Time Trials coming up: Join us for that too!

Martin Bodek,
Beat Reporter,

Martin writes books. He’s really pushing his latest one (, because he thinks it’s really good. That’s because it is.


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