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JRunners Half at It

Posted on May 8, 2013 by in Musings | 1 comment

16 JRunners ran 5 different races on Sunday, May 5, 2013. They choose from two distances only: A half or full marathon. 11 chose the half, 5 chose the full, 7 of the 16 PRed, some by as little as :06 seconds (pshew!), some by as much as 5:13 (Wow!), and some had no chance (The Bear Mountain Half has a difficulty rating of 5, terrain of 5, and elevation change of 4 – all out of 5).

Adam Orlow put in years of hard work to earn his squeaker PR; Yaakov Bressler and Joel Mandel – atop the JOTY chart – faced off for the first time, with Yaakov emerging the victor and closing the gap; Avi Blisko continues his half-marathon PR rampage: JRunnerette Eva Rothberg beat all comers in Long Branch; Abe Lebovits got under 2:30 for the first time.

Great show everyone! Your results:

Bear Mountain Half

Jonathan Pittinsky    2:45:40

LI Full

Adam Orlow        3:24:48    PR by :06
Matt Katz        3:28:22
Yisroel    Pupko        3:44:33    PR by 5:13
Paul Kentor        4:03:11

LI Half

Yaakov Bressler        1:22:51 PR by :09
Joel Mandel        1:31:52
Yossi Pancer        1:38:02
Avi Blisko        1:47:24    PR by 2:35
Michael Wilhelm        1:48:12
Michael Weber        1:51:50
Moshe Sanders        1:56:14

NJ Full

Aaron Rosenfeld        3:25:42

NJ Half

Eva Rothberg        1:40:59    PR by 2:53
Glenn Pfeiffer        1:41:33    PR by 1:15
Abraham Lebovits    2:29:54    PR by :40

Martin Bodek,
Beat Reporter, JRunners

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