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JRunners Go Citius, Altius, Diutius

Posted on May 21, 2015 by in Musings | 0 comments

Photo Credit: Rassi Hott

JRunners took over the runners’ tri-state area (NY, NJ, PA) this past weekend, made it a quad while they were at it (VT), and excelled in all different kinds of ways wherever they were. We’ll, ahem, run it down, from shortest to longest distance. For ties, we’ll go east to west:


I actually couldn’t figure out exactly how many feet up this is. The popular Empire State Building Run Up is known to be 1050′, but 1 World Trade does not have this measurement recorded in a place where I can find it. The T2T climb is 90 floors, or 180 flights, or 1,970 steps, so it’s somewhere in the area of 900′-1,080′ if you consider that stories are generally 10′-12′ each. However, 1 WTC is a bit extreme in its engineering. The roof is 1,335′, divided by the 104 stories equals 12.8 feet per story, multiplied by the 90 floors climbed (out of the actual 94) equals 1,155′. Although, if we go with typical riser height, which is 7.25 inches per stair, or 1,970 x 7.25 / 12 = 1,190′ (thank you Shlomo Rosenzweig, engineer extraordinaire, for your assistance with these figures).

In any (stair)case, we had 6 (of the 901) participants on scene, and Mordechai Ovits sets the standard at the inaugural running, er, climbing.

Mordechai Ovits        0:16:36
Yisroel Pupko        0:19:10
Shlomo Rosenzweig    0:19:27
Ariel Kohane        0:21:47
David Roher        0:22:57
Dana Heitz        0:23:10


Over at the Five Towns, we had success in both the male and female divisions. David Devor ages like fine wine, and Leah Badian rocked it for a 2nd place finish.

David Devor        0:24:15    1st in AG!
Leah Badian        0:23:58    2nd place!


Way back in the other direction, it looks like the scioness of the Gertzulin family is coming of (very young!) age in her own right. If she can place 9th overall as an 8-year-old, can you imagine what she might accomplish even before her bat mitzvah! Go Abby!

Abigail Gertzulin    0:26:56    1st in AG! 9th overall!
Dov Gertzulin        0:26:56


Some background: Efraim contacted me asking if I could find him a local race at which he could compete at a high level and have a chance at winning. I gave him several options, and he settled on this one. He missed first by 3 seconds per mile! Give me another chance, Efraim! I’ll ensure you victory elsewhere!

Efraim Shaw        0:22:19    2nd place!

Back at home base for most of the JRunners crowd, we were proud of the 6 we had on scene out of the 26,000(!) racers. Half the pack scorched PRs (after the Prospect Park loop, it’s flat like the rebbe, so negative splits are probably common), and the other half, I promise you, are just getting warmed up for the season.

Dov Gertzulin        1:20:47    PR by 2:59
Joel Mandel        1:26:41    PR by 1:11
Connie Fried        1:48:44
Gene Sobol        1:56:03    PR by 5:46
Dana Heitz        1:57:18
Shaina Nemtzov        2:08:20


Two superheroes among us ran through split pea soup and came out smiling. Glenn was fastest Bergenfeldian, and Jonathan was fastest Passaicite. That’s what we call representin’.

Glenn Pfeiffer        1:40:40
Jonathan Pittinsky    1:59:52


A few miles north of all these happenings, Adam Orlow took a bit of a pounding, but survived. If you’re a bit fast (like Adam is), and you’re looking to add another state to your collection (like Adam was), and you’re trying to climb higher on the JRunners Marathon states chart (as Adam did), this might fit the bill for you.

Adam Orlow        5:03:04    6th state! 3rd on JRunners list!


Finally, and furtherly, our Mother’s Day awardee Rebecca ( triumphed despite unhappy trail conditions that caused slips, falls, bruises, booboos, and various other unpleasantries. However, she trained for it, she showed up, and she was never going to throw in the towel! No female JRunner has ever ran further. Way to go, Rebecca!

Rebecca Schwartz    9:41:57    Wawaweewa!

Happy holiday everyone!

Martin Bodek,
Beat Reporter,

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