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JRunners Completes Successful Two-week Residence in FL and Environs

Posted on Feb 4, 2015 by in Musings | 0 comments

Jrunners invaded the great state of Florida (trivia: which just surpassed New York state to claim #3 among states in total population) like we were scouting the place for our retirement. We trickled in at the start, made a big wave in the middle, and left slowly like we really didn’t want to let go.

First to put his feet on the ground was Jonathan Pittinsky, who revisited an old favorite of his at the Clearwater Halfathon, which takes place in, um, Clearwater. It’s got gorgeous views of the water and starts before sunrise. He basically rang the opening bell and did quite well:

Clearwater Half

Jonathan Pittinsky    1:56:35

A little bit off shore, Eli Friedman and Moishie Gamss ran the Bermuda Half, in um, Bermuda (I’m noticing a trend here). In so doing, Eli Friedman officially became JRunners most well-traveled half-marathoner, having now completed races of that distance in four different countries. Only 191 to go. Feel free to start debating what a country is exactly:

Bermuda HalfEliMoishie

Eli Friedman        1:54:46
Moishie Gamss        1:58:04    WC

Legend: WC = WheelChair (pusher).

After this first wave, Moishie apparently swam around Florida all the way to Mexico, and went for a run there. Then, seemingly, he swam back across the Gulf of Mexico to run all over Florida again. Okay, fine, he was on a cruise ship. Ruin my fun, why don’tcha?

While Moishie was cruising, Martin Bodek landed and hit the ground running (not racing). He sampled runs in Boca Raton, Orlando, Lake Buena Vista, and Pompano Beach before heading home with his family, and not staying for the Miami half. Nearly every Miami Half Marathon participant chided him properly.

Speaking of which, JRunners clobbered its half-marathon participation record at the Miami Half (in, you guessed it, Miami. These races are very conveniently named), previously believed to be 21 at the S.I. Half a few years ago. We outdid ourselves with 23. The reborn Artist Formerly Known as Marathon Man beat out the entire group, and outpaced 2nd place by over five minutes; at least 7 runners set PRs – 3 of which (Wilhelm, Pupko, Weber) did it on zero sleep, mamash; David Devor took the PR-by-the-Most crown; Eli and Moishie showed up again and put in faster times than in the previous week; Zelig Mandel had the most leibidigeh race finish every recorded (have a look at it on Facebook):

Miami Half

Joseph Pancer        1:37:23
Dov Gertzulin        1:42:59
Michael Wilhelm        1:43:43    PR
Michael Weber        1:45:32    PR
Yisroel Pupko        1:46:43 PR by 8:38
Adina Pupko        1:47:18    PR by 8:11
Joseph Cohn        1:50:22    WC
Joel Eisenreich        1:50:22    PR by 2:48
Zevi Jaffa        1:50:44
Moishe Sanders        1:50:44
Eli Friedman        1:51:29
David Devor        1:52:03 PR by 9:51
Moishie Gamss        1:52:10    WC
Mark Izhak        1:56:02
Baila Miller        1:57:42
Leah Badian        1:59:29
Martin Maltz        2:04:15
Chanan Feldman        2:15:45
Chaim Backman        2:15:47
Abraham Lebovits    2:20:00    PR by 3:48
Eva Rothberg        2:26:53
Reuven Kupferstein    2:49:16
Zelig Mandel        3:25:27

Nobody ran the Miami Full, which is a bit interesting.

Meanwhile, during the same weekend back home, the leftover JRunners contingent froze their tucheses off (having already lost their bonsais a few weeks ago) in several races. At the aptly, and also convenienty geographically, named Brrr-ookyn Half, Dana Heitz braved it and represented nicely:

NYCRUNS Brrr-ooklyn Half

Dana Heitz        1:56:50

At the cold cold Lebow, newcomer Allen Liebb took the crown, Scott Smith set a nice PR, and a debate started about which climate is better to train in:

Fred Lebow Manhattan Half

Allen Liebb        1:36:10
Scott Smith        1:38:31    PR by 5:14, also ran around FL the week prior
Joe Herman        1:57:30
Jacob Granek        2:28:23
Mendy Wilanski        2:40:57
Jennifer Gersch        3:03:46Beast

Acharon acharon chaviv, our friend Elik Hirsch earned his 3rd buckle in a harsh, uncomfortable way. At some points during his 29-hour journey, the high was twelve degrees. He had creative chafing that you don’t want to imagine. He needed ski goggles to prevent corneal freezing. He completed a race that very often has had 50% DNF rates. All hail:

Beast of Burden 100 Mile Ultra

Elik Hirsch        29:02:59

After all this, Moishie finally got off his cruise ship, and boarded a plan for home. As for Eli, we think he’s still in Florida. It looks like he was claimed. Some say he moved into Del Boca Vista, lock, stock, and barrel. We’ll miss him, but we’ll see him soon – at least I will, judging from the AARP mailings that suddenly seem to be filling my mailbox.

Martin Bodek,
Beat Reporter,

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