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JRunners Coast, Coast to Coast

Posted on Nov 20, 2014 by in Musings | 0 comments

JRunners is proud to have represented in a big way on not just one, but two, U.S. coasts. If we had a third coast, we’d have put runners there too. I know what you’re thinking: what about the south? Uh uh, that’s a gulf.

Now that the geography nerds are happy, let’s brag a little about what we pulled off, shall we?

On the East Coast, at the 4th annual Brooklyn Marathon, we accomplished the following:

1) We had 6 of the 21 Legacy Runners: those that have run all 4 editions. We intend to be the last men – and then man – standing.

2) we boasted the largest club representation of the entire field. Fully 16 of us were out there out of 413 runners, which means we were 3.8% of all finishers. 2nd place was PPTC with half the number.

3) In NY1’s two-minute recap clip of the event (which you can view on our Facebook page), at least 8 JRunners can be seen, loud and proud.

That’s how we did as a group. This is how we did as individuals, with all the superlatives included:

Mordechai Ovits        3:06:15    10th overall, 4th in AG, PR by 9:47, BQ

Moshe Lewis        3:15:25    21st overall, 5th in AG, PR by 16:27, 1st in overall Vibrams division

Aaron Rosenfeld        3:16:21    25th overall, 4th in AG, PR by 7:46, fastest Master

David Friedman        3:21:33    32nd overall, 6th in AG, PR by 14:44

Matt Katz        3:35:06    Must’ve been that Movember ‘stache

Dana Heitz        3:38:47    4th in age group, nice pants!

David Colman        3:53:00    PR by 5:40

Michael Wilhelm        3:58:44    He’s back!

Martin Bodek        3:59:29    2nd sub-4:00, 2nd fastest of 22 lifetime, 4th fastest out of 34 from NJ

Michael Weber        3:59:29    Dead heat!

Faige Friedman        3:59:52    PR by 6:56

Moshe Sanders        4:04:33 Representing the 49-year group big time

Zevi Jaffa        4:05:09    Great time for a marathon debut!

Yisroel Pupko        4:32:14    And of course, they had plenty apples for him

Solomon Rosenzweig    5:20:48    Marathon bachur no more!

Chaim Backman        5:20:51    Beer here!

Over on the Left Coast (how come this side isn’t call the Right Coast? After all, East Coast and West Coast are nicely linguistically paired – I spend too much time thinking about these things), we also had a nice showing at the Rock n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon. So you see, not only did we run on both coasts, we also did so by day and night, which is kinda cool.

At the full marathon, we had two out of the 3,208 runners, which is a percentage so small, it came up with an “e” on the Windows calculator. My iPhone placed the number at .06%. Good enough! This is how we did:

Adam Orlow        3:46:27    Marathon #20

Zelig Mandel        5:04:13    Go Lifeline!

At the half marathon, we had four out of 25,172, good for .01589%. Also good enough. We did quite nicely too:

Eva Rothberg        1:38:58    PR by 2:01, 1st on Team Lifeline

Rivky Orlow        1:50:49    Orlows all over the place!

Avi Saperstein        1:55:34    PR by 4:30

Leah Badian        2:00:39    2nd fastest lifetime half

It was a great day, accomplished in beautiful weather just ahead of the cold-snap we’re currently experiencing. The Brooklyn Marathon course is now so familiar to so many of us, that running the JRunners 5k on it on 12/7, should be a piece of cake. Join us:

Martin Bodek,

Beat Reporter,

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