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JRunners Assault the Hills in Jerusalem, Central Park, Washington Heights, and Caumsett Park

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JRunners were everywhere this past weekend, mounting hills wherever they could be found. On Friday, March 1st, 5 JRunners showed up at the Jerusalem Marathon and Half Marathon, representing .00437% of the field. If somebody would cover my plane ticket, we could make it .00512% of the field next year. Each of the runners complained about mile 11, which sounds like leg 17 of the Relay Race.

Your leaderboard, with some notes:



Avi Hornstein    3:58:01    9:04    Actually ran 27 running to and fro looking for a friend


Pesach Sommer    1:49:42    8:22    On pace to run 1,732,913 miles this year

Eli Friedman    1:58:31    9:02    Off to great JOTY start, still in 2nd

Avi Blisko    1:59:49    9:08    PR by 2:59, amazing considering difficult course

Jerry Gross    ?    ?    Start line difficulties, hence no official time

On Sunday, March 3rd, At the Halachic Organ Donor Society 5k in Central Park, Steven Rosenbaum officially took 5th, but we’ll bump him to 3rd because 1st was an 8 year old who ran 15:27. That’s awfully fishy. 4th was “Unknown Runner,” and we can’t count a person like that. Steven earned bronze behind runners half his age. See the results here:

At the 5k, Martin Bodek clobbered his PR by doing what Steven Rosenbaum told him to do: pace properly and negative split. He struggled to maintain a perfect pace, but came very close to doing it. He froze his toes off before the race, but was thrilled to be back in his Vibrams for the first time in months. He felt unleashed and carefree and is thrilled with his performance, placing 7th in the field of 18 and taking the age group.

Mrs. Rosenbaum, AKA Judith Sambol, AKA Winner of the JRunners Ladies Only 5k, was the other JRunner in the field and ran a nice, strong race.

The results:

Your leaderboard:



Martin Bodek    44:46    7:12    PR by 1:24

Judith Sambol    50:08    8:04    Same pace as her JRunners 5k victory, so she’s getting faster!


Steven Rosenbaum    17:53    5:45    5th place, but really 3rd

Over at the most overcrowded, impossible-to-find-parking, tough-hilled, but nevertheless quite leibedig race on Earth, Joel Mandel increased his lead in every available JOTY category. Somebody catch this man. He’s actually on pace to run 48 races this year!

Your leaderboard:

Coogan’s Salsa, Blues, and Shamrocks 5k:

Joel Mandel    19:14    6:13

Simcha Bulmash    25:51    8:21

Chanan Feldman    27:48    8:58

Mendel Lakein    29:09    9:25

Jacob Granek    31:37    10:12

Last, and oh yes, definitely not least, Over in Caumsett Park (where?), in Huntington (who?), NY (oh), one JRunner ran his second lifetime 50k Ultramarathon, another JRunner ran his first, and yet another, who ran with us at the Sea Gate 5k, gave us three in the field! The name of the former is Yisroel Pupko. The name of the middler (is that a word?) is Michael Wilhelm, and the name of the latter is Frank Deleo. Great going, fellas!

The leaderboard:

Caumsett Park 50K

Yisroel Pupko    4:42:17    New JRunners 50k record! He beats Matt Katz by 04:38

Frank Deleo    4:56:27    His third ultra in the past year, with another coming up!

Michael Wilhelm    5:16:40    Welcome to the JRunners Ultra club!

The results:

It looks like this weekend kick-started the racing season in earnest. The 3rd Multiannual Unsanctioned JRunners Half Marathon is coming up, the NYC Half as well, the next JRunners race looms, April is filled with Central Park races. Let’s all get out there and catch up to Joel Mandel! If we don’t, he’ll – ahem – run away with the JOTY crown with 9 months left in the season!

Martin Bodek

Beat Reporter,

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