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Congratulations JRunners Toughmen and Toughwomen!

Posted on Sep 19, 2014 by in Musings | 0 comments


8 JRunners turned out for the Toughman Half Ironman on 9/7/14 (breaking the old Half Ironman participation record of 6). This is how they did:

Mordechai Ovits        5:47:10
Dana Heitz        6:07:13
Solomon Rosenzweig    6:27:15
Ephraim Seif        6:30:38
Yisroel Pupko        7:08:37
Michael Weber        7:12:49
Sheina Abramowitz    7:37:47
Michael Wilhelm        7:39:06

Lesley Schofield relayed with a friend and finished in 6:37:55

Also hanging tough were some Super Spartan participants in Vernon, NJ. Time doesn’t matter, but level of dirt saturation does. They ranked as follows:

Yitzy Sontag        Mucky
Yoni Meiri            Sludgy
Shaina Nemtzov    Sloppy

Nice going, everyone!

Martin Bodek,
Beat Reporter,

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