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JRunners Mow Down PRs at the 2013 NYC Half

Posted on Mar 19, 2013 by in Musings | 0 comments

The course (CP>T2>WSH>BPC>SSSP), the crowd (14,518!), and the cold (very) were only the smaller half of the story at the 2013 NYC Half. The larger half, of the slice we’ll call Levi, was the PR destruction that 11 of the JRunners field of 15 wreaked along the course.

Before revealing the actual JRunners standings, it would be more awe-worthy to show the PR standings. Here’s how they stacked up, in order of gravity of annihilation:

Gelbtuch    Shalom    by 10:56

Rothberg    Eva    by 6:28

Blisko        Avi    by 5:40

Cohn        Shalom    by 4:50

Mayerfeld    Stanley    by 4:27

Babani        Solomon    by 2:45

Friedman    Eli    by 2:43

Bressler    Yaakov    by 2:39

Itzkowitz    Shia    by 1:30

Pfeiffer    Glenn    by 1:22

Mandel        Joel    by 0:30


Seriously impressive, each and every one of these efforts. Note that two in the field (Bressler, Itzkowitz) were at last week’s Unsanctioned JRunners Half, and I’d like to think it was the excellent training ground (two loops around Central Park = 1,300 feet in elevation) that contributed to their PR performances.

Now that you’ve shepped nachas, I can reveal the full leaderboard:

Last        First    S/A    City        State    Overall    Net    Pace    PR

Bressler    Yaakov    M20    Brooklyn    NY    237    1:22:57    6:20    by 2:39

Mandel        Joel    M31    Brooklyn    NY    687    1:30:36    6:55    by 0:30

Babani        Solomon    M38    Spring Valley    NY    2072    1:41:10    7:44    by 2:45

Pfeiffer    Glenn    M38    Bergenfield    NJ    2366    1:42:48    7:51    by 1:22

Rothberg    Eva    F40    Teaneck        NJ    2600    1:43:52    7:56    by 6:28

Landau        Chaim    M36    Brooklyn    NY    3373    1:47:22    8:12

Friedman    Eli    M28    Lawrence    NY    3384    1:47:24    8:12    by 2:43

Cohn        Shalom    M33    Spring Valley    NY    3414    1:47:31    8:13    by 4:50

Gelbtuch    Shalom    M31    Spring Valley    NY    8053    1:48:07    8:16    by 10:56

Itzkowitz    Shia    M21    Brooklyn    NY    4117    1:50:18    8:26    by 1:30

Mayerfeld    Stanley    M33    Wesley Hills    NY    4647    1:52:13    8:34    by 4:27

Blisko        Avi    M27    Lawrence    NY    5242    1:54:09    8:43    by 5:40

Eisenreich    Joel    M43    Wesley Hills    NY    5367    1:54:32    8:45

Pollack        Stu    M    Spring Valley    NY    6189    1:57:05    8:57

Balassiano    Dave    M42    Brooklyn    NY    12208    2:23:46    10:59

Now alas, I can no longer ignore the demands of the masses. I’ve tried other ways to be creative with my recaps, but the people demand awards. Awards is what the people will receive. They will have their cake, and they will eat it too:

The Prodigy Firestarter Award: Yaakov Bressler – Yaakov, and presumably his twin brother Moshe, celebrated their 20th birthdays recently, which means that they are no longer part of the wunderkind age group. No, they’re now just like the rest of us. Had this been a week earlier, Yaakov would have placed 4th in his age group (out of 83). Instead, he had to settle for “only” 25th in his new age group (out of 887). Yaakov is a self-starter who lit the match under himself. We JRunners will keep it lit for him. He stated his goal for the L.I. Half to me in confidence. He’ll do it.

The Bruno Mars Runaway Baby Award: Joel Mandel – Joel is pulling away in the JOTY standings by a ridiculous margin, with the JOTY annual points record (73: Steven Weber, Yaakov Bressler) in his crosshairs. This was his 10th race of the year. Running all this through a calculator, he’s on pace for 46 races and 138 points. It’s like he’s Babe Ruth or something.

The Hank and Peggy King of the (Wesley) Hill(s) Award: Solomon Babani – Brooklyn was not actually the largest geographical contingent represented at the race. The general Monsey area beat Brooklyn out 6-5. First among them was Solomon with his overall bronze medal performance and biggest PR gain of the top 3 on the podium. Helluva run, Solomon!

The Isley Brothers Who’s That Lady Award – Eva Rothberg. Eva, representing North Jersey along with Glenn Pfeiffer, took silver in the PR standings. I took the occasion to make her e-mail acquaintance and to ask why she’s honored us by constantly signing up as JRUN (which everyone should be doing!!! Getting all the information here is not easy!!!). She said a friend told her to sign up thinking it was a women’s Jewish running group. It kind of is, Eva, and we’re trying to build on that (you’re currently highest ranking female in the JOTY standings). Please stay with us!

The Pikermi I Don’t Go All the Way Award – Eli Friedman. Eli has taken a commanding lead (by one over Moishie Gamss) in the Half Marathon category, looking to dethrone last year’s king, Jonathan Pittinsky. He’s doing it in a phenomenal way too: All four races he’s run this year have been half marathons. Because of the distance, and some high placements, he maintains a 3rd place position in the JOTY standings. Oh, and he PRs practically every time.

The Tina Turner Simply The Best Award – Shalom Gelbtuch. As king of the PR chart, Shalom deserves this award. A PR by almost 11 minutes! He was so proud he e-mailed me quickly to see if he could include his performance as part of his bio in the JRunners book I’m putting together (63% complete!). I put it in just as quickly. Great show, Shalom.

What’s everyone got on tap in the upcoming weeks? Let’s get together and keep mashing PRs!

Martin Bodek,

Beat Reporter,

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