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Are runners crazy to even consider this?
This is a question only you can answer – However, if you want the good feelings that result from the camaraderie, the cause that you are contributing to, and the exercise you get out of it, then we suggest you sign up and tell all your friends about it.

How does the whole thing work?

There will be 10 runners per team, and teams will be running nonstop until they reach the finish line. The course will be split into 30 legs, including five of them which will be major exchange points. At the end of each leg is a runner exchange area, where one runner ends and the next runner begins. At each of the major exchanges there will be entertainment, live music, and food. Each runner will complete 3 legs of the course, and run a total of 12 miles. The entire team will run the final stretch to the finish line. Teams will use two vehicles that to transport the team members between the various exchange points. See the team handbook for further details.

Is there a time limit for completing the total distance?

There is no time limit for completing your distance, and we expect teams to finish in around 20-22 hours: however if you find yourself still running two days later, you may feel secure knowing you are completely lost, and the search team is actively looking for you. You may even end up in the news. For safety reasons, as well as to not outstretch the support infrastructure- teams that are far away from the final legs as the race nears the finish- will be brought to a later leg so that they can finish the race and still come through the finish line and into the cheering crowd.

How will the other runners get to their starting positions?

The secondary team vehicle (a van or SUV) will transport the team between their legs.
Why are there two vehicles? Isn’t one enough?
The 10 runner team is split up into two groups of five runners each. The group that will be running the current five legs of the course goes into VAN #1, which is used to transport the runners between their individual legs, and to give minute to minute support to the runner with drinks, food, funny jokes etc. The other group of five runners uses VAN #2 to transport them to the following major exchange point (which is every fifth leg) where they can rest, eat, and enjoy the live entertainment that will be taking place there. Once the first “active” group in van #1 reaches the major exchange point (at the completion of their runners first 5 legs), the second group in VAN #2 will switch places with them, and now VAN #2 becomes the “active” vehicle, and VAN #1 heads straight to the next major exchange to relax.. This rotation continues with each major exchange point along the way…and comes to a climax at the finish line- where the entire team will come out of their vehicles and run the final stretch together.
Do runners supply their own vans?
Runners can supply their own vans, or rent a larger van. It’s the team captains responsibility to make sure that this is taken care of for the race.
Are all the legs roughly the same distance and difficulty?
No, some are longer, some shorter, some have hills, and some are just craaazy! Together with your team captain- you can choose the leg that’s best suited to your skills, which you can assess by slapping someone across the face and taking off.
What if a runner gets lost along the way?
Since we are running from Brooklyn to the Catskills, if you get lost, there is a good chance that you are either in Monsey or new Square. In either case you are not lost, and you should just enjoy the scenery…make a few friends…and we will try to get you out of there as soon as possible.
Do teams have to consist of 10 team members?
Yes, this is a team sport. If you don’t like sports or people in general, then this may not be the right race for you. Consider sitting this one out.

Does everyone on the team need to be at the start line or can they meet them later on?

Yes, similar to prayer in a synagogue; joining way after things start is counterproductive.
Can I be a JRunners member?
We already accept you as a member. Just sign up and make it official.
Can bikes follow runners on the course?
No. However, if you are a trained biker, then we can use you as a volunteer for shadowing the runners between legs. In such a case please register as a volunteer on the site.
Do police know this race is running?
We do have the many police/county permissions for our route (which has been designed with runners safety in mind), and you can expect to see the local police, firemen, and sheriffs department cheering you on as you dash past them. However, if the police are aware of your specific running, it’s probably because you are lost and we have notified them.
Will we be wearing reflector belts or reflection vests?
At night you will be, to avoid being mistaken for a fleeing suspect on an episode of Cops.
How fast do I have to run in the Relay?
Faster than you walk.
Do I assemble my own team?
You can choose up to four other runners you wish to run with and we will try our best to accommodate you. If you can’t think of anyone you would like to run with, you can just sign up and you will be placed on a team. If you can’t run, you can volunteer. If you can’t volunteer, you can sponsor. If you can’t sponsor, you can tell your friends about us. Regardless, all you need to do is register and commit yourself to running…the details will work themselves out.
What does the winning team get?
A whole year of bragging rights until next year’s race.  There will also be awards for the second and third place teams, and for a whole variety of contests including best team name, best decorated team van etc.

Will there be aid stations/water/food along the route?

Yes, there will be EMTs present at the major exchange areas, and there will be all the food, drinks, and energy bars that your heart desires.
Are there awards/finisher medals?
Yes. There will be awards, and every team member will be given a custom beautifully designed finisher medal, and official timing certificate.
I never ran before, and I don’t even own a pair of sneakers- can I do this race?
Yes of course you can! Our training schedule will assure that you are ready to go come race day!
What about the courses scenery?

One can only imagine! See what our race director has to see about it:
“9PM on a warm July night under a near-full moon’s light starting out in the serpentine-like road mosaic Flatbush Avenue awaits you as you excitedly gait down the long straight avenue shown to the night-life scene as you make your way up to and over the Brooklyn Bridge! Over to Manhattan and quickly onto the Hudson River Greenway bike trail virtually on top of Henry’s river! As you course up the river path, the skylines abound all around you. Past the Little Red Lighthouse under the George Washington Bridge, you ascend to the bridge excitedly anticipating the run across its majestic way at about the midnight hour with the full moon at your shoulder.

New York City behind you now and up 9W through New Jersey and New York’s Rockland County as the skylines wane behind you to darkness and loneliness that have swiftly become your friends in the sleepy hours of the night. Dawn awaits you in the Monsey area as the new day prepares you for the jaunt though Harriman State Park in all its beauty, teeming with lakes, welcoming plants, rising evaporating dew, and your very new friends – the Hills!

As Rockland County turns to Orange County, Route 17A; the half-way point greets you. Then you gather your serious side – a huge mountain in Sugar Loaf idles away to greet you – ah, but the views! Get beyond the mountain where southern and western Orange County rolls out its supreme and diverse exquisiteness; Warwick’s hilly splendor; the silky Black Dirt Region; the animal farm with camels, zebras, elephants, and more; the lush Minisink farmlands; and Mt. Hope’s sharp hills extending superb views! Up and up the next mountain and down to the wildlife-rich Bashakill watershed for a respite from the rugged terrain.

Orange County hands off to Sullivan County on Oakland Valley Road, a gem of a forested and stream-ridden road. The last big Northern push starts at quaint and serene Steven Crane Pond up Cold Spring Road. The grandeur continues. You may be getting tired by now, but the tree-lined roads offer solace as you prepare to enter the Monticello/Loch Sheldrake Catskill locales.

So you’ve had enough beauty by now; don’t worry it continues! And yet with several miles to go, you finally see The Quickway; albeit under the highway. As you make your way though the pristine pastures and narrow roads, Route 42 awaits you as you prepare to ascend to the finish. But wait! Your team is waiting for you for the much coveted last stretch to see you to the finish around the Sullivan County Community College track for all to see!”

We agree!

How come you guys are so awesome?

Thanks, now somebody tell that to our mothers.