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Welcome to the JRunners Relay Race experience! The course is 143 miles in distance, and will take teams approximately 20 hours to complete. There will be 10 runners per team, and teams will be running nonstop until they reach the finish line. The course will be split into 30 legs. At the end of each leg is a runner exchange area, where one runner ends his run and the next runner begins his effort. Runners will carry a team wristband that they will pass to the next runner at the exchange points. The wristband is in lieu of a baton. Each runner will complete 3 legs of the course, and run a total of approximately 14 miles. All team members will join together to run the last mile of the course to the finish line. The course starts at a 151-foot elevation and ends at a plus 1,545-foot elevation. While JRunners is a Jewish organization, runners of all faiths, creeds and colors are welcome and encouraged to participate in this event. The high altitude, amazing scenery, camaraderie, adventure and excitement will make for an unforgettable experience. Whether you have raced before or only dreamed of competing, get ready for the most exciting race ever!

Teams will use two vehicles to transport their team members between the various exchange points. The race will be 20 hours of nonstop fun and entertainment that will culminate with a big finish line event with a BBQ and concert and thousands of spectators cheering as you cross the finish line! The JRunners 200K is the only relay race that has all teams starting at the exact same time. The simultaneous start means that all teams will be in close proximity at all times, and will make for some thrilling competition! Sounds like fun? It will be a blast!

So why are you sitting there? Get off the couch and sign up to run! If you can’t run, then sign up to volunteer. If you can’t volunteer, sponsor a runner! You will be glad that you did (any of the above).

The race starts at 10:00 PM in Brooklyn, and runs nonstop until the finish line at Sullivan County Community College in Loch Sheldrake NY.

For all the details, download the Race Handbook and Overview Map below.



DATE: Early August 2013
START:  Brooklyn, NY (10:00 PM)
FINISH: Sullivan County Community College;
Loch Sheldrake, NY

RACE DIRECTOR: Steve Holmbraker