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The Mission

The JRunners mission is to pair the irreplaceable experience of challenging and exhilarating runs and competitive races with the importance of pursuing a healthy and vigorous lifestyle. To this end, JRunners is committed to placing the camaraderie and thrill of competition at the forefront of our endeavors, reaching wider audiences and motivating people to increase and promote awareness of their own health and wellness and the health and wellness of others. JRunners has firmly placed a foothold in the running community and has staged spectacles both big and small as we increase our reach and ambition.

In July of 2010, we staged the first inaugural 200K Relay Race from Prospect Park, Brooklyn to Loch Sheldrake, New York. 60 runners toed the line in addition to numerous willing volunteers and support staff. Everyone finished with a flurry at a grand pomp-and-circumstance finish line whose joy and energy could be heard all the way back to the start line itself. Including the friends and family members that waited at the finish line and partook of a gala and concert, well over three thousand people were actively involved in the amazing race. In August, 2011 we held our second 200K Relay Race with a total of 80 runners and well over 5,000 people actively involved in the race. 2011’s edition was grand as well, and we’re currently gearing up for the 2013 version. We intend for 2013’s edition to field 100 runners.

In November of 2010, JRunners – with great pride – accepted the reins from the renowned International Marathon Minyan at the ING NYC Marathon, the first and longest-standing (28 years) such assembly in the world. Jews from around the globe participated. Attendance records were broken each of the last two years due to our aggressive marketing.

In December of 2010, we launched our inaugural Brooklyn 5K Health Awareness Run/Walk. An energetic crowd showed up for the men’s race, the women’s race – the first exclusive race of its kind known anywhere on the third rock from the Sun – and the kiddie races. 97 men, 58 women and a gaggle of buoyant children raced that morning for their health and future. In December, 2011 we followed up the first year’s success with an even superior event, and with over 260 participants. The JRunners Health Awareness Run/Walk series will be expanding to include other towns and cities in the near future.

On April 1st, 2012 JRunners held its inaugural 5K Run for a Cause in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. This Run/Walk attracted runners and walkers of all abilities and was open to men and women. The event featured multiple charity partners that runners selected to run on behalf of, ensuring that all participants were impassioned to raise donations for causes that are near and dear to their hearts.

In December, 2012 we staged the Run for Sea Gate in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the devastation she wrought upon the community so close to our hearts. We proudly helped raise thousands of dollars, which was put to immediate and beneficial use.

JRunners will be launching its inaugural Women’s Relay Race. Details will follow in the coming months ahead.

As we grow, each of our races is being dubbed “inaugural” and “annual” because they are our anchor races, and we take great pride in them. We hope they’ll attract great crowds and hope to offer more inaugural annuals as we expand chapters of our club to more cities across the US.

Join us please, for our weekly group runs in Brooklyn, NY, where you will meet new friends and learn more about us. Or help us open a chapter in a city near you. Either way, we would love for you to join the growing JRunners organization.