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2015 Relay

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The 2015 Unsanctioned JRunners 100k Brooklyn to Monsey Freelay Race


Join the JRunners group on August 12-13 for a relay race like no other. Starting at 7:30PM on Wednesday in Brooklyn and finishing about 3:30AM Thursday in Monsey, the 2015 JRunners Relay is a FREE minimal-support, shortened version of our classic relay. The relay is driven by the club members entirely. Runners are responsible for their own gear, nutrition, transportation, road illumination, safety equipment, and team-building. The only expectation JRunners will have of its runners is to follow the course exactly - in the interest of fairness and safety - and come up with some clever team names. The rest is you.

Note that this shortened course means that, if you work a typical 9-5 job and are in the general NYC area, you'll at worst be late for work on the 13th, and at best, you'll be right on time. You'll be exhausted, of course, but that's why coffee was invented.

Your Team

Your team can consist of as many (6 runners = approx. 10 miles each) or as few (1 runner = 100k ultra) runners as you want. You will be building your own team, but if you need some help with that, we'll be happy to help you out (but you need to ask!). You must report your teammates and team name before the weekend of August 7th.

The Course

The start is at the Prospect Park corner of Parkside Avenue and Ocean Avenue

Leg 1 

Setting off from the Prospect Park corner of Parkside Avenue and Ocean Avenue for a full counter-clockwise loop around Prospect Park. 3.4 miles. Click to enlarge:


Legs 2-9

Exactly those of the usual relay.  Use the existing maps: link. 49 miles.

Leg 10

Starts exactly like the usual relay leg 10, but will turn right off of New Hempstead Rd. onto Ellington Way, then left onto Winston Rd, then right on Pennington Rd, terminating at 20 Pennington Rd. 3.8 miles.  Click to enlarge:


Total: 56.2 miles

There will be no markers out on the course. Know your leg cold and you won't get lost.

You can exchange runners anywhere on the course that you like, but leg records are only set by a solo runner running from official exchange point top the official exchange point.


Your team is responsible for your timing. It's a minimalist race, but we'd all still like to know who won, right? The team captain is responsible for collecting the team's times.

Runner Restart at Exchange #5

At exchange #5, in the CNBC parking lot, your team must stop, record your time, and wait until all teams are in the exchange before the race continues. Do not hand off to the next runner to continue on the course. Pull in to exchange #5, hit your watch's stop button, record the time, and stop until everyone is in.  When your runner departs exchange #5, start up your watches again, and add the final elapsed time from CNBC to Monsey to the elapsed time from Prospect Park to CNBC.


Safety is NOT OPTIONAL.  The relay is a ton of fun--unless someone gets hurt.  These rules are mandatory, and violation of them is subject to a team's disqualification:

1) No headphones while running.  Don't even ask.  Clear ears, clear eyes.

2) Reflective vest.  Your  runner must be wearing a reflective vest while running.  The course is beside a highway at night, so being seen is vital.

3) Lights.  We highly recommend that the runner have a blinking red light on his or her back, and use a cap light to illuminate the way.

Cyclist Support

The Kosher Cyclists group has generously volunteered to chaperone the relay on their bikes.  That will help keep us safe and in contact with each other.  Please note that they are NOT your guides, and are not responsible for keeping you on course.  You are responsible for your directions; do not count on them for that.

Road Layout & EMT support

The EMTs will be in front of the lead runner and behind the last runner, with Kosher Cyclists serving to cocoon the runners.  please do not get ahead of the lead EMT, nor fall behind the rear EMT.

Click to enlarge:


What To Bring

1) Your sense of fun.  The relay is basically a rolling party.

2) Your safety gear: reflective vest, lights.

3) Cell phones and car chargers.

4) Drinks: Gatorade, water.  Ice in a cooler recommended.

5) Snacks.  It's a long night.

6) A (light!) change of clothes for when you're done.  A towel for your car's interior is a polite addition.

Make sure you have all your team members' cell numbers already in your phone's contacts.  email the race director for his # and add that too:


The race is free, but the cost of the BBQ at the finish line is not. The EMTs that are keeping us safe also cost money. Please consider offsetting some of that cost for us so it can be all that it can be.  you can email the race director ( to contribute.

We're excited to have you join us. Sign up below for free!

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.

Attendee Listing For: The 2015 Unsanctioned JRunners 100k Brooklyn to Monsey Freelay Race

  1. Martin Bodek
    Passaic, NJ

  2. Joe Bootin
    Brooklyn, New York

  3. Yaakov Bressler
    Brooklyn, NY

  4. Joe C
    Spring Valley, New York

  5. Joel Eisenreich
    Wesley hills, ny

  6. David Friedman
    Brooklyn, New York

  7. Faige Friedman
    Brooklyn, NY

  8. Steven Gelbtuch

  9. Dov Gertzulin
    Englewood, New Jersey

  10. David Goldstein
    Bergenfield, NJ

  11. Heshy Gotesman
    Suffern, NY - New York

  12. levy grunwald
    brooklyn, new york

  13. Yoni Hook
    Spring Valley, Ny

  14. Paul K

  15. Matt Katz

  16. Ariel Kohane
    New York, New York

  17. Devorah Kopciel
    Brooklyn, NY

  18. Shneur Kovitz

  19. A. LEV
    Spring Valley, NY

  20. Amichai Levy

  21. Moshe Lewis
    Far Rockaway, NY

  22. Joel (Hershy) Mandel

  23. Zelig Mandel
    Passaic, NJ

  24. shaul Mayerfeld
    spring valley, New York

  25. Yoni Meiri
    Brooklyn, New York

  26. Shaina Nemtzov
    Brooklyn, Ny

  27. Adam Orlow
    Jamaica Estates, New York

  28. Sara Ouzer
    Brooklyn, New York

  29. Mordechai Ovits

  30. aaron panigel
    brooklyn, ny

  31. ester panigel
    brooklyn, ny

  32. Jonathan Pittinsky
    Passaic, NJ

  33. Mendel Reinitz
    New York, new York

  34. Dani Ricklis
    Elizabeth, New Jersey

  35. David Roher
    teaneck, NJ

  36. Mandy Rosenberg
    Kew Gardens, NY

  37. saul rosenblum

  38. Solomon Rosenzweig
    Brooklyn, NY

  39. Aharon Ross
    Matawan, NJ

  40. joel sandel

  41. Scott Smith
    New York, NY

  42. Yitzy Sontag
    Brooklyn, New York

  43. Sara Weisel
    Flushing, NY

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