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2014 Relay

Posted on Jul 18, 2014 by in Musings | 0 comments


The 2014 Unsanctioned JRunners 100k Brooklyn to Bubba's Freelay Race


JRunners has brought on board an Executive Director who has among her list of duties a goal to bring the relay back in 2015 to its former glory. It is now too late in the game to stage an official relay in 2014. The clubmembers reached out to the board to request a stopgap relay, so that they would not miss a year of fun summer competition.


Join the JRunners group on August 13-14 - starting on Wednesday, at 7:30 PM, in Brooklyn, at the Prospect Park corner of Parkside Avenue and Ocean Avenue, and finishing Thursday, 6 AM at Bubba's Bagel's in Monsey - for a stripped-down, bare-bones, no-cost, minimal-support, half-shortened version of our classic relay. It will be driven by the club members entirely. Runners are responsible for their own gear, nutrition, transportation, road illumination and safety equipment, and team-building. The only expectation JRunners will have of its runners is to follow the course exactly - in the interest of fairness and safety - and come up with some clever team names. The rest is you. Your team can consist of as many (6 runners = 10 miles each) or as few (1 runner = 100k ultra) runners as you want. You can exchange anywhere on the course that you like. The course will be legs 2-10 of the usual relay (, with no modifications whatsoever, and will have no markers. You figure it out the course. Know it cold and you won't get lost.

You will be building your own team, but if you need some help with that, we'll be happy to help you out (but you need to ask!). You must report your teammates and team name before the weekend of August 9th.

Note that this shortended course means that, if you work a typical 9-5 job and are in the general NYC area, you'll at worst be late for work on the 14th, and at best, you'll be right on time. You'll be exhausted, of course, but that's why coffee was invented.

Please realize that JRunners is not officially staging this race. The runners are powering it, then handing it back to JRunners for next year. JRunners organizational support will be provided in the manner of promoting the race via social media, providing EMT support and Kosher Cyclists guides, obtaining permits to cross the GWB and to rest at CNBC in Fort Lee (where we will once again be doing our "Runner Restart" program, which was very successful last year), organizing a breakfast discount at Bubba's Bagels, and trying to find you if you get lost (which you won't do, because you know your route down cold, right?).

Some elaboration is necessary: At major exchange #5, The CNBC parking lot, you must stop, record your time, and wait until all teams are in before the race continues. Do not hand off to the next runner to continue on the course. Pull in, hit your watch, record the time, and stop until everyone is in.

Remember that you are responsible for your timing. It's a bare-bones race, but we'd all still like to know who won, right? So when you leave the CNBC exchange, start up your watches again, and add the final elapsed time from CNBC to Bubba's to the elapsed time from Prospect Park to CNBC. It's not that complicated.

We're excited to have you join us. Sign up below for this year for free, and we'll offer you a discount if you wish to join us for next year. This edition will be awesome, and 2015 will be awesomer.

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.

Attendee Listing For: The 2014 Unsanctioned JRunners 100k Brooklyn to Bubba's Freelay Race

  1. Gray Aftor
    Brooklyn, NY

  2. Solomon Babani
    Wesley Hills, NY

  3. Sonia Blejer
    passaic, New Jersey

  4. Martin Bodek
    Passaic, New Jersey

  5. Joe Bootin
    Brooklyn, New York

  6. Yossi Brachfeld
    Spring Valley, ny

  7. Yaakov Bressler
    Brooklyn, NY

  8. joshua brownstein
    brooklyn, New York

  9. Ayala Cohen
    Far Rockaway, New York

  10. Joe Cohn
    New Hempstead, Ny

  11. joey diangello

  12. Ahron Fishbain
    Narrowsburg, NY

  13. Ahron Fishbain
    Passaic, NJ

  14. Connie Fried
    Brooklyn, NY

  15. David Friedman
    Brooklyn, NY

  16. Steven Gelbtuch
    New Hempstead, New York

  17. Dov Gertzulin
    englewwod, NJ

  18. Yosef Golubchik
    Highland Park, NJ

  19. Shimmy Halton

  20. Yaakov Herman

  21. Yoni Hook
    Spring valley, Ny

  22. Yaakov Kader
    Edison, New Jersey

  23. Matt Katz
    Woodridge, NY

  24. Shneur Kovitz

  25. Dmitry Krachun

  26. Ariel Lasry

  27. Steven Lowinger

  28. Chana Lowy
    Passaic, NJ

  29. Joel Mandel

  30. Zelig Mandel
    Passaic, NJ

  31. Stanley Mayerfeld
    Spring valley, Ny

  32. Vanessa Meghnagi
    Passaic, NJ

  33. Yoni Meiri
    Brooklyn, New York

  34. Shaina Nemtzov
    Brooklyn, Ny

  35. Adam Orlow
    Jamaica Estates, NY

  36. Mordechai Ovits

  37. Sony perlman
    spring valley, New York

  38. Stuart Pollak
    Spring Valley, New York

  39. Yisroel Pupko

  40. Solomon Rosenzweig
    Brooklyn, New York

  41. Lesley Schofield
    Passaic, New Jersey

  42. Shulem Unger
    Brooklyn, New York

  43. Nosson Weissman
    Brooklyn, NY

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